Why does filecoin stand out in the distributed storage industry?

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filecoin stand distributed storage industry

As the whole digital money market heats up , According to statistics, the total market value of the whole decentralized storage market has reached 1569.14 Billion , And it's just Filecoin The circulation market value of the company will reach 891.11 Billion , Of the whole decentralized market 56.78%. The past half month , With FIL Soaring prices ,Filecoin The overall market is also rising , At one point, the total amount of its transactions exceeded that of bitcoin , Become the industry leader .V|IPFS_KF818

In fact, the concept of distributed storage is not Filecoin Invented , It's not self-evident Filecoin Only after birth , stay Filecoin Before the main network goes online, there are many projects related to distributed storage technology in the market , Such as BitTorrent、Holo、Arweave etc. , And the trend of development is relatively good . What is it for? Filecoin Soon after the main network went online, it became a unique presence in the distributed storage industry ?

To realize this problem , We have to from Filecoin The nature of the project .

First Filecoin The pattern is big enough , Official Filecoin The project white paper says :“Filecoin Our mission is to create distributed information for human beings 、 Efficient and powerful foundation .Filecoin The economic design of the network aims to effectively reward useful and reliable storage with as few rules as possible by adjusting incentives .”

From the perspective of capital markets, it tells a big enough story , And in terms of the whole business logic , It works . So it gives people a huge amount of imagination , And the enforceability is not low , Although there are many twists and turns ahead . And from the perspective of the feelings of the participants , Are you willing to say that you are involved in a project of mining digital currency, or do you want to say that you are a participant in the construction of data storage network for all mankind ?

secondly , from Filecoin From the design mechanism of the network itself , It has a sound consensus mechanism .

For decentralized blockchain networks , Consensus mechanism is one of the core parts of the whole network , It's the most important part , It can aggregate more industry resources through incentive system and management system , Enhance the cohesion of consensus participants .

Filecoin The first thing that makes it special is that it adopts an original consensus mechanism , Give Way Filecoin The network is on a virtuous circle .

  1. Proof of reproduction : Let miners store user data in the right way , Ensure the integrity of user data storage ;
  2. Time and space prove : Let the miner execute the storage transaction according to the storage protocol , Promise to... Within the agreed time , It works 、 Security 、 Stable storage of user data ;
  3. Pledge mechanism : Restrain the miners from doing evil , Ensure the security of user data storage to the greatest extent , If the miner defaults , The initial pledge and mining reward pledge will be used as punishment , And compensate the user , Form an effective binding force .

adopt Filecoin The main network has been online for nearly half a year , The above mechanism really ensures that Filecoin On the road of sound development , Network storage computing power is growing steadily , There was no serious breach of contract by the miners , All of these show that Filecoin The effectiveness of the consensus mechanism .

Besides , The pledge mechanism can also guarantee the periodic deflation of the network , And the circulation demand of internal circulation , stay Filecoin Before the formal large-scale storage market , Ensure the stability of the network .

  • Filecoin It's a data storage network , It's not just data storage networks .

We all know ,Filecoin It's a network determined to store the data of human civilization , but If we just think Filecoin It's a data storage network , Then it's too small .

Filecoin The more important function is based on Filecoin All kinds of data are born on the huge amount of data Web3.0 application .Filecoin It's like a pond , A whole ecological application will be born around this pond in the future : There's water in the pool , There are fish in the water 、 There's grass on the bank 、 There are trees by the grass . Finally meet Web3.0 Coming of age .

Gratifying is that , At present, many innovative applications have been born in the ecology , For example, based on Filecoin Network derived applications include Myel( Content delivery network )、Valist( Code signing and software distribution )、PowerLoom( Trust agreement )、Kotal( Blockchain development )、MintGate( Content value delivery )、Slate( Content storage ) etc. .

Last ,Filecoin With a unique economic model .

Filecoin The storage space contributed by each miner in the network can finally be converted into computing power and enjoy the rewards given by the network . But because of Filecoin As a storage network, the stability of participating nodes is very high . This is solved by high pre pledge and severe punishment measures , Everyone involved in Filecoin Mining miners need to configure high-performance computing cluster and storage cluster , Greatly improve the access threshold of the network , It's for everyone involved Filecoin The ability level of the nodes is much higher than that of other networks , This is also for Filecoin Long term and stable development , Gather a group of high-quality teams .


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