Consolidate the core competitiveness of "jacket" and strive for a century's foundation with high-end new domestic products

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consolidate core competitiveness jacket strive

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3 month 24 Japan , Beijing 751D·PARK The first workshop , after 41 Jinba men's wear, a Chinese clothing enterprise developed in, once again stepped on the stage of China International Fashion week , With the first brand day in history ——“ Jinba day ”, Open the future of the brand 60 New year's journey .

This time, it is made up of Jinba men's wear and its high-end series KB HONG、 Light fashion business brand “ With the brief ” A joint show , A one-time display of different brands / A variety of new product designs under the series .

Obviously , Jinba men's wear, which has passed on for three generations, is fully implementing its multi brand and multi item group development strategy , I made a promise at the beginning of my career “ A hundred years old ” The men's dream ,2021 The year is also symbolic , Be the future of men's wear 60 The year of the voyage .

It's just , Many clothing brands are facing the lack of development potential , Jinba men's wear as a so-called “ Tradition ” Our clothing enterprises , Its collectivization strategy changes , The ideal of its centennial Foundation , By what ?

From the perspective of a clothing enterprise ,41 Focus on jacket , Insisting on quality is the foundation of Jinba men's wear ; And from an industry perspective , Jinba men's wear has gradually formed a complete and clear path to multi brand and multi item , And in those industries “ similar ” We have our own independent business logic behind our actions , Jinba men's clothing is different from other enterprises to achieve strategic landing 、 The confidence of a hundred year foundation .


from 41 Year to 100 year , Three dimensions to understand the changing playing style of Jinba men's wear

It's not long for Jinba men's wear to put forward the strategy of multi brand and multi item , however , A series of systematic actions around the strategic realization have taken shape , Combined with the author's on-the-spot investigation of Jinba men's wear in China International Fashion week 90 after CEO And creative director Hong Boming , Here we think , We can understand the change of brand from three aspects .

1、 A strategy : Multi brand and multi item development , Based on the same main line

Diversified play of clothing enterprises , Most of the time, it is established in the bottleneck period of the main brand , The horizontal expansion of multi brand from this , It's also easy to move towards “ Business opportunities ” Direction forward , Finally, let the enterprise “ Defocus ”, Such cases abound .

But for powermen , The strategy of multi brand and multi item has never been separated from one main line , That is to say “ Jacket ” Category is the core , Around men's clothing needs 、 Serve more refined 、 A higher quality lifestyle .

You can see , Jinba men's high end series KB HONG、 Light fashion business brand with Jane, although each has its own emphasis , But still for different stages of life 、 Male audience groups at different social levels , In addition to the main brand of Jinba men's wear, the extension of jacket products . In the fashion week walk show process , Jinba men's boutique accessories line KBXNG Many of our products are on show with models , Press CEO And creative director Hong Boming said , The original intention of its product line construction is also for the refinement of men's life 、 High quality consideration .

What can be expected is , Jinba men's clothing may incubate or acquire some brands in the future , But it's still not going away from the main line , Another purpose implied in the new strategy is to prevent enterprises from losing focus , Continuation and precipitation of Jinba men's jacket core competitiveness .

2、 Two step play :“ Keep positive ” And “ It's amazing ” Simultaneous development , The essence is the precipitation of resources “ Reuse ”

“ The wind blows , The main resources will still be tilted to the main brand Jinba men's wear .”

Hong Boming told me that , Although the future is multi brand and multi product strategy , But Jinba will still give priority to the strong main brand , namely “ Jinba men's wear ”.

Overall speaking , The core of main brand Jinba men's wear is 30-45 A group of 20-year-old entrepreneurs , It is the advantage that the brand has accumulated for many years , And Jinba men's high-end series KB HONG It's mainly for men who pursue higher quality of life , Light fashion business brand suijian mainly serves young urban workers . It can be seen from Hong Boming's statement that , Jinba men's multi brand multi item strategy in the process of landing , Followed “ Keep positive ” And “ It's amazing ” A two-step approach , While maintaining the dominant position of the main brand , On the one hand, we continue to innovate and explore, and go deep into the front line of demand , Finally enrich the system of this fashion group .

And behind this two-step approach , Its essence is the influence of Jinba men's clothing on precipitation resources “ Reuse ” The process .

Alibaba once proposed to let all Internet companies follow “ Zhongtai ” Concept , Build the middle platform of the enterprise, and on this basis, let the enterprise quickly spawn new business , This concept doesn't apply to the clothing industry , But there is a similar logic , That is to say, the ability and resources of the bottom layer are constantly serving new brands or products .

“ Resources and capabilities accumulated over the years , There is the possibility of waste .” Hong Boming made such a statement when talking about the construction of multiple brands and products . in fact , brand 41 Year accumulation is the main card “ Jinba men's wear ” The main reason for gaining a strong market potential , But the ability to design these jacket products 、 Jacket supply chain capabilities 、 Channel service ability and even talent team building ability , If only serving a single brand , It does “ overflow ”.

Essentially , Jinba men's wear has drawn away the resources and capabilities of the enterprise over the years , They have become the grassroots soil for enterprises to face multiple brands and products , So as to breed more new brands or products , This is totally different from the logic of many enterprises to start a new brand .

3、 Three moves : From cognition to product to channel , The new brand is a closed loop

Specific to the operation level , Let the multi brand and multi item strategy be implemented effectively , In fact, it is to let new brands be introduced to the market 、 Gain consumer recognition and ultimately achieve the expected market performance .

Take it apart , Jinba men's wear mainly carries out three landing movements , Include :

Mental upgrading : That is to extend the new brand with jacket as the core / series , Occupy the psychological cognition of the consumer market , Especially the high-end men's wear series KB HONG This kind of station is objectively more high-end products . It started on the official schedule of Milan fashion week KB HONG Successful circle , Win the recognition of the international clothing industry , It shows that the men's wear of Jinba is constantly upgrading “ High end new domestic products ” The cognitive .

Product breakthrough : This is the main task of brand landing , And this aspect has always been the strong point of Jinba men's clothing , Thousands of versions of the jacket version Library 、 International high-end noodle accessories supply system serving jacket 、 Include 3D Technological innovation including printed fabrics , Support Jinba men's wear to become a new brand / The series infuses creative design ideas 、 Launch new jacket products .

Channel convergence : This is the link of brand value realization ,2019 Jinba men's wear has built a channel marketing system integrating online and offline “ Jinba cloud store ”, At the same time, through store innovation and upgrading 、 Service quality improvement , Provide a better consumer experience . Hong Boming revealed that , In the future, brands will also be based on their consumer groups, mainly focusing on fashion industry practitioners in the initial stage 、 Stylist 、 Characteristics of media practitioners, etc , Actively carry out circle marketing , Then gradually expand the audience .

You can see , Jinba men's wear carries out Trinity action to complete the closed-loop chain construction of brand landing , And some of these movements come from the accumulation of the past , Some are customized actions for the brand .

Set aside clouds and mist , See “ A hundred years old ” The underlying logic of

From the perspective of Jinba men's clothing itself to understand its strategic change , Return to the overall perspective of the clothing industry , I have to admit that , Many of the actions of Jinba men's wear are similar to those of garment manufacturers in recent years “ Main stream ” There's a lot of similarity in play .

however , Behind these similarities , But it could be a totally different motive and logic . Instead of being a follower, we stick to our basic business and development principles , This determines that Jinba men's wear can confidently put forward “ A hundred years old ”, Instead of losing yourself in the fierce market competition and turbulent industry changes .

1、 Not catering to “ Industry trend ”, But always focus on the value of the product

These two years , The clothing industry, which has felt the pressure, has started to make changes one after another , On the whole, there are two trends , namely “ High-end ” or “ Vogue ”, Guided by market opportunities , Basically, it's hard to leave these two themes .

On the contrary, Jinba men's wear , From Jinba men's high-end series KB HONG And the light fashion business brand , It seems to be the same , The former is highly tonal , The latter is suitable for young urban workers .

however , Just as Hong Boming repeatedly stressed to the author the enterprise mission of Jinba men's wear “ Dress aesthetics housekeeper ” like that , On the surface “ High-end ” or “ Vogue ”, In fact, it is just a side effect of strengthening the competitiveness of the core products of jacket , It's not the motive or the purpose .

for example ,KB HONG The impression is to build a high-end series , But it is guided by quality life , And the main card “ Jinba men's wear ” comparison , Its main diversified value is reflected in the continuous improvement of the added value of products , Let the brand's reputation and market trust accumulated over the years bring consumers a more quality product experience , According to Hong Boming , yes “ Inject ingenuity ”, Instead of pursuing “ High-end ”.

For example , With Jane brand product design with a strong young fashion mark , however , such “ fashion ” It's still just a result that coincides with industry trends . Products with a sense of fashion ( Including the high-end series pursuing the sense of quality KB HONG) They are all products of Jinba's aesthetic obsession —— The biggest difference from fashion is , Aesthetics can be precipitated , And fashion is just a breeze , After chasing the wind, there may not be anything left .

2、 Not following the industry path , It's going at the pace of your own market

Many garment enterprises are in the process of establishing the so-called high-end brand image , Yes “ Foreign monks are good at chanting sutras ” As a standard , Some domestic brands even deliberately achieve it through foreign shows “ Local monks go to other places for a walk to recite sutras ” The effect of .

This industry path has been confirmed by many brands “ It's not bad ”—— Jinba men's high end series KB HONG Milan fashion week for two years in a row , It seems very similar to this .

However , This is not the case ,KB HONG Show up at Milan Fashion Week , It's basically “ A hundred years old ” An embodiment of the realization path , It reflects the steady rhythm and solid strength core of powerba itself , With some domestic brands “ gold-plated ” There is a fundamental difference in the way we speculate .

First , It's a success card , On a global scale , Milan has an internationally recognized exclusive high-end men's show , Jinba men's clothing not only represents itself , Also on behalf of the local business leisure men's clothing to fill the vacancy of the head brand , This show is a customized brand presentation opportunity , Instead of going around and getting a draft .

then , Behind the landing in Milan is a preparatory action for Jinba men's wear to enter the international market under the long-term principle .“ The younger generation is born global .” Hong Boming said . We should really face the future, be a century old shop, and continue the competitiveness of jacket , Whether it's the international market , Or international influence , It's all the targets that the strong bully really wants to conquer . Now? , By buying in advance, etc , Jinba is already trying to penetrate markets like Europe .

Hong Boming, a designer, personally went to Milan to participate in the proposal defense of fashion week , Just from this point of view , alike “ Show ” behind , Different companies want to “ Show ” There are so many different things .

3、 It's not just about choosing business paths , But follow the inevitable law of consumer value cultivation

In the past year , The share price of Internet technology company Baidu has more than doubled , It's more than doubled at its peak ;

After the release and implementation of group strategy of multi brand and multi item , Now the brand value of Jinba is as high as 745.69 One hundred million yuan , consecutive 17 Won the first value brand of men's wear in China .

The rapid development of enterprises in these two different fields , There's a similar experience inside : It's all through long-term persistence in exchange for the rapid development of the market , Baidu has rejected all kinds of doubts in the development of artificial intelligence , input 10 year , Finally, relying on it to counter attack the capital market ; Jinba men's wear has been sticking to the men's wear market for a long time , In exchange for the rapid development of the market .

“ Sometimes it's hard to sell , I was confused .” When Hong Boming talked about his views on the market potential of men's wear , So I remember .

The men's wear market doesn't seem to consume enough energy , But in fact, it has very stable consumer loyalty , As long as we can continue to plough and dig , With the rapid development of economy , This group is based on its own image and represents the image of government and enterprise organizations , Is gradually increasing the consumption of clothing products , It's not a process of explosive growth , But it will grow at a visible rate .

Premise is , To be able to stand up to the loyalty of consumers , Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the various needs of the male group with multiple brands and products , so to speak , Jinba men's wear strategy is an inevitable requirement for her to stick to men's wear with jacket as the core , Rather than just a business strategy for growth Choice of direction , This is very different from the reason why many clothing brands have crowded into the diversified track .

It also means that , The strategy can be successfully implemented , It must be “ A hundred years old ” The premise of .

“ High end new domestic products ” Lead the way , The strategy of clothing brand is also in line with the industrial demand

“ High end new domestic products ” It's a new identity and image that Jinba men's wear has customized for its jacket occupying and products .

One side , This is certainly a brand strategy to enhance market awareness , And on the other hand , It is also in line with the demand of "made in China" to go to the world , Jinba men's wear is in China 、 The quality of products on various international occasions , It also proves once again that made in China never lacks quality , It's the ability to get the brand out .

“ Clothing consumer goods have cultural attributes .” Hong Boming said . When Jinba men's wear stops “ High end new domestic products ” The identity of the , It means that it can carry the charm of Chinese culture and influence the world with Chinese brands , And to a certain extent, master the fashion discourse .

Just this time, the men's wear and its high-end series KB HONG 21 New product launch in autumn and winter , The printing design integrated with Chinese culture is unique and bright , The unique creative pattern design method makes the jacket more possible , Behind this, it highlights the ability of Jinba to integrate Chinese culture with international trends by virtue of its original pattern design ability , It represents a feasible way to convey Chinese traditional aesthetics to the world .

in any case , China is going to the world , Based on the unique underlying business logic , Its collectivization strategy is meeting the needs of macro industry , In the future, we will focus on the core competitiveness of jacket “ A hundred years old ”, Or it will become one of the leading representatives of China's clothing industry in the world .

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