Sumswap is on! It's bound to divide the world between uniswap and sushiswap

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sumswap bound divide world uniswap

not long ago ,DEX Industry leader Uniswap It's ranked eighth in terms of market value , The market value amounts to 168 Billion dollars , Renminbi over 1100 Billion .


This is unprecedented in the whole field of cryptocurrency , There has never been an Ethereum app with such a high market value , It's no doubt that Uniswap Success in the whole field of cryptocurrency , It's also a decentralized exchange DEX Relative to the success of a centralized exchange .


Platform currency of three central exchanges , except BNB Outside ,UNI Our market value is far more than HT、OKB, This is the choice of market competition , It means that compared to a centralized exchange , People have greater expectations of going to the central exchange , Decentralized exchange DEX There's more potential .


meanwhile , Just by copying Uniswap Code Sushiswap A token of SUSHI The market value has been 24 More than 100 million dollars , Is close to HT Market value of . although SUSHI and UNI The difference in market value is 5 More than times , but Sushiswap It's also a success in this competition , After all Sushiswap The total turnover of has exceeded 400 Billion dollars . It has been established for more than two years 、 Deal break 1200 Million dollars Uniswap comparison , Only established for more than half a year Sushiswap It's enough to share it equally DEX All over the world .


but DEX Our competition doesn't stop there . Recently, the UK blockchain company SumSwap Development of Mathematical Innovation exchange “SumSwap” Born in the sky , Or will it change DEX Industry structure .


“SumSwap” Mining docking pursuit 1365  0593 stay Uniswap and Sushiswap It's a combination of mathematical innovation , It is reported that , The team is interested in all the hot spots right now DeFi The application has been deeply studied , The team believes that this time DeFi It's the mathematical model that's hot . Its developers revealed that ,“SumSwap” Yes, it will DeFi From zero to ∞ Integration of products , It's a product that works with Uniswap and Sushiswap Third of the world's products . Its development will focus on decentralized trading first , And then gradually introduce decentralized lending 、 Decentralized stable currency and other applications .


DeFi The road to innovation


Time to go back to 2020 Mid year , At the time compound The liquidity of mining started DeFi The first shot of innovation in the field , At that time “ The heroes responded ”, not a few DeFi Start to access the liquidity mining mechanism , Thanks to these innovations , quite a lot DeFi The project began to become popular . It is worth mentioning that , Now some smart investors see DeFi Head mine's bonus , So I made a lot of profits during this period .


DeFi On the whole, it can be divided into four parts , They are decentralized exchanges DEX、 Decentralized lending 、 Decentralizing stable currency 、 Decentralized synthetic assets and so on . Because of the speed and liquidity requirements of trading , Decentralized exchange DEX The development of science and technology has been stagnant .


But exchanges have always been the leader in the whole field of digital money , The exchange not only makes the most profits of the whole industry , At the same time, it also affects the healthy development of the whole industry . At present, the exchange is mainly centralized , The monthly profits of the head exchanges are in the hundreds of millions , To a certain extent, it hinders the progress of the industry . Therefore, many blockchain technology geeks dream of developing a truly easy-to-use decentralized exchange .


But the traditional idea of decentralized exchange is the order book model , With the limited processing speed of smart contracts , This kind of design idea can not meet the transaction speed , It can't meet the liquidity needed by the exchange . until Uniswap Appearance , Whole DEX The industry is changing .

Uniswap Host


At a time when most decentralized exchanges are struggling with speed and liquidity issues ,Uniswap But find another way . Take root in the past 、 bud 、 After development and so on ,Uniswap With the accumulation of time, its user volume and transaction volume have reached the point that people have to pay attention to , until 2020 Mid term Uniswap Break out completely .


Uniswap Its success depends on its innovation AMM Market making and X*Y=K A new trading model .AMM Market making allows anyone to participate in the liquidity providers of transactions , Liquidity providers not only provide liquidity, but also share transaction fees 3‰ The dividend , This effectively solves the pain point of lack of liquidity in decentralized exchanges .


and X*Y=K A new trading model , It can not only achieve the effect of traditional order book trading mode , combination AMM after , The first mock exam is to get a very ideal slip point , When the liquidity is so large that it can even compete with the centralized exchange .


With the blessing of these two sets of maces , At the same time, due to the security of going to the central exchange 、 The characteristics of openness and transparency , Give Way Uniswap Go up quickly , Become the whole DeFi The focus of the field .


tricky Sushiswap


At the time Uniswap You can see the popularity of , but Uniswap But it's missing an important part of blockchain applications , That's the token design .


Sushiswap Found this , And took the lead to release Sushi Platform pass . stay Sushiswap in , Providing liquidity can not only be divided into service charges , It produces LP token It can also be used to dig Sushi.


What's more surprising is that , Those in the Uniswap It's a product of LP token Can also be in Sushiswap dig Sushi, With a series of “ Operation ”,Sushiswap Success lies in Uniswap In the flow of “ steal ” I got a piece of my own territory , And grow rapidly .


SumSwap Three points of the world


although Uniswap and Sushiswap Occupy the whole DEX Most of the traffic , but DEX There is no consolidation in the field , Some more innovative projects have also been killed .SumSwap It's the most competitive one .


SumSwap The team comes from a group of scholars and blockchain experts who have the ultimate pursuit of mathematics , In the market for hundreds of DeFi After careful study of the project , The team thinks that really makes DeFi The reason for the fire is mathematical innovation , Only by mathematical innovation can we develop a project that really makes people shine .


After months of development , The team integrated sophisticated mathematical models from the financial world and applied them to DeFi project , To create a product called “SumSwap” Decentralized transaction protocol for . The mathematical model can not only meet the basic needs of decentralized digital asset trading , At the same time give SumSwap Strong community communication power , And has a great enhancement SumSwap The function of community stability .


Besides having Uniswap and Sushiswap The most basic AMM Market making 、X*Y=Z Out of the model ,SumSwap In addition, a special mathematical design has been made on the general certificate .SumSwap The platform pass is SUM, Using the base index model , Every block, every period SUM The output of the company has been carefully calculated .SUM Total number of issues 3.2 Billion , among 90% By mining every day , The mining time is calculated according to the Ethereum block , about 10 It will be finished in about two years .


SumSwap Original features Staking Mechanism , Including holding SUM Staking And ecology Staking, In the daily output of SUM in , among 40% Used to hold SUM Staking, in addition 40% For Ecology Staking. a SUM Staking It means that as long as anyone holds a certain amount SUM Pass people can share the daily information through this function SUM Productive 40%, This mechanism is calculated by special mathematical algorithm , This kind of algorithm can break up SUM whale , Let each user hold SUM The amount is more even , So it's better for the whole SumSwap Ecological balance and stable development ; ecology Staking Also designed a sophisticated mathematical algorithm , This algorithm makes the ecology of invitation more powerful , The ecology of acquisition Staking The more , And ecological Staking It also has the function of breaking up the big whale families , It's very conducive to the growth of the community .


everyday SUM Productive 20% be used for LP Token Mining plate , By adding fluidity to the flow cell, you can get LP Token, these LP Token They can dig in the mines they support SUM.SumSwap The migration function is also set up ,Uniswap and Sushiswap Hot LP Token Can be found in SumSwap Pit excavation SUM, When the time is right, these flow pools can be moved to SumSwap.


SumSwap Mathematics is law 、 Code is the principle of law , Build... With mathematical models SumSwap The underlying logic of , It's bound to be able to Uniswap and Sushiswap Three points of the world .


Decentralized financial integrators on the shoulders of giants 、 a DeFi Domain integration applications will meet with global blockchain believers ! Redefinition DeFi The Tong Zheng model 、 Subvert your perception , Witness mathematics and DeFi Perfect fusion .


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