Eftalk Avanti, the ecological application of the public chain of the egg network

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eftalk avanti ecological application public


Today, let's take a look at this project . The name of this project is Avanti . What is Avanti ?


That is to say EFT.EFT Translated into Chinese , It's called Avanti .


that EFT And what is it ?


1、EFT It is a side chain or sub chain developed by the public chain . He's the token on this side chain , The first ecological application under the public chain EFTalk Social chat software for circulation . Its core highlight is encryption security , anonymous , Completely decentralized , It's on the chain . Public chain mining docking pursuit of power 18820 Number 0092 About chat messages , Only the sender and receiver can see . You can't extract it anywhere else . It has the function of burning after reading . Because they are centralized . When the sender and receiver delete the message , Their platform side can still access the database information . This kind of blockchain social chat software , Maybe there will be , Why use this chat software ? Because there's money here . Now he belongs to the first stage , The stage of suction and drainage . that EFT Token is one of the key points of powder suction and drainage . He doesn't set a fixed price for RMB 1:1. First episode 2100 over . Through this chat software, we can generate computing power and enlarge it .


2、 So what we just said ,EFT It's the side chain of public chain development , Then this public chain is called EGG Public chain . He has fairness , Open , transparent , Fully open source , to open up API Interface advantages . that egg The token is the token on the public chain . He doesn't fix the price . Total amount 2.1 Million pieces . Genesis pre digs 1.05 Million pieces . Every time 12 One block per second , Every time 500 Half a day . Developers just need to spend on this public chain 20 You can develop a side chain in a few minutes . In the future, companies that want to issue coins must buy this EGG Only when the token is pledged can the enterprise issue the token and carry out the chain reform , And developing other ecological applications . that EGG There is no circulation in the market , You can't buy in any mainstream currency . Only through what we just said EFT Only by flash exchange can we have EGG. presumably EGG The appreciation space is full of infinite imagination . How to have EFT Well ?


3、 That is, through EFT Drainage and powder suction


The core mechanism of drainage here is execution “ 28 distribution mechanism “ Circulation produces 4 Double power , Have the computing power to mine . That's it EFT,EFT Namely 1:1 RMB . that EFT Where to dig , It's the Yongdong mine on this chain . The coin of the Yongdong mine is rotated through every circulation 20% Go in and zoom in four times , That is to say, increase 80% Calculate the force . It's only by calculation that we can dig them out . Dug out EFT Turn it again and again 20% Enter the Yongdong ore pool and zoom in . In this way, the cycle of one in and one out achieves a balance , Inexhaustible , Circle of life . So going in is 20%, How much will it come out ? As for how much can be dug up , It's up to us .


There are two parts about the calculation of mining power .


The first part is mining with static computing power .


How to have computing power ? Then there must be EFT For example : flowers 2500 Yuan bought 2500 individual EFT, If you hold it there after you buy it, it will not appreciate , It's going to be magnified by rotating it through circulation 4 Double into 10000 Calculate the force , Then the static calculation of power mining is the calculation of power every day 2‰ Dig out , On the first day


20 individual EFT, How much is dug out, how much is the reduction of force ,10000 The force minus 20 become 9980 Calculate the force , If you will 20 individual EFT Cash by transfer , You get 80% Cash 16 Genna 80% The computing power of the system increases 16, Computing power has become 9996 Calculate the force value , And so on, repeat the work every day , after 150 Days or so , You get the cumulative cost of investment 2500, And the account has 9500 The power of left and right , We can also continue mining with static calculation force .


There's a plan , One can return to the original at the same time , It can also increase the remaining calculation force , That's the front. 90 The sky revolves and casts again , after 60 Every day , Again 150 God , But there is more residual calculation force after rotating and re casting .( For reference only )


The second part is dynamic computing power ( Speed up dig


give an example : When you buy 2500EFT become 10000 Calculation time , Your account will be upgraded to V1 node , You can enjoy the following 3 Every stroke in the layer EFT Transfer circulation of 3‰ Speed up power mining ,


for instance , There's a person under you who transfers money 10000EFT To anyone's account , You get it right away from 10000 Speed up the digging out of the force 30 individual EFT, This dynamic calculation force belongs to the second .


When sharing two directly as you achieve 10000 Calculate the force V1 Levels of , Your account will go up to V2 node , Can take 6 Layer of 3‰ Speed up mining , When you push straight there are two V2 Node time , You're promoted to V3, Can take 9 Layer of 3‰ Speed up mining , When you push straight there are two V3 Node time , You're promoted to V4, Can take 12 Layer of 3‰ Speed up mining , When you push straight there are two V4 Node time , You're promoted to V5, Can take 15 Layer of 3‰ Speed up mining .


give an example , You recommend A and B Two friends , Recommendation is the sun line, unlimited sharing , On the node level, two node departments need to be assessed , If A and B Friends are V1, You are the one V2, And so on , You become V5 Node time , Can 15 Laminar water 3‰ Speed up mining , such as , you 15 The transfer is in circulation today 1 ten thousand EFT, You will receive 30 individual EFT Speed up , If the transfer flow 1000 ten thousand , Then get 30000 individual EFT Speed up , This data is absolutely achievable , Very considerable , That's the core highlight . Every turn here will 20% Enter the Yongdong mine .


This is fan's advanced powder absorption ,

The second stage is EFT Flash cash EGG,EGG Revaluation again magnifies earnings .

The third stage is about EGG Other ecological applications of , Add value again

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