Ngkex ecological layout supported by NGK Technology

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ngkex ecological layout supported ngk

Because of the implementation many Chain interworking ,NGKEX Can achieve cross chain aggregation transactions , Through integration A few On the Dagong chain DEX Liquidity and pricing of service providers , Choose the best price and transaction path , Solved the tradition AMM The gratuitous loss caused by the mechanism 、 Sliding point and so on . At the same time, with cross chain technology ,NGKEX You can split the order , Bridge multiple platforms to complete the transaction , Avoid a single DEX Insufficient platform liquidity , The problem of not being able to meet the needs of traders , Break the ecological barrier between the major public chains .

Deep ecology :Layer2 With technical support NGKEX The whole ecological layout ; Just like traditional markets and CEX The history of the track , With the stock DEX Growing maturity , Derivatives trading has also sprung up . At present, the total lock up volume of derivatives in the past three months has reached 3.1 Billion dollars , Starting out of the original stage of development , Derivatives may become DEX The next watershed on the track .

Regarding this ,NGKEX Ecological Institute There was a layout .NGKEX Based on Zk Rollup Exchange agreement for Technology , adopt Zk-Rollups Technology takes all the ERC20 token Transferred to the Layer2 On , So that all the money can be exchanged in Layer2 It happened on , It can meet the requirement of instant exchange , It can also be reduced Gas Cost , To lay a solid foundation for high frequency and high value derivatives trading .

In this meanwhile ,NGKEX A completely decentralized , Safe and highly customizable Layer-2 DeFi agreement You Derivatives, To support decentralized sustainable contracts 、 Decentralized options and other derivative Services , It will be introduced in the future NFT、 To loan 、 Stable currency 、 One stop project Launch And so on , Meet the diversified needs of investors , Compare with UniSwap、SushiSwap And other early trading platforms ,NGKEX Our ecology has a broader imagination .

besides ,NGK also Ecology with details : many Heavy mining and sophisticated token economy model ; For blockchain projects , An excellent economic model can greatly promote the development prospect and vitality of project ecology . Projects that can stand at the front of the track , Every city has its own unique economic system .

NGK The initial total amount of tokens issued is 10 Million pieces , Will be in 4 Distribution will be completed within the year , Most of the Assigned to the community ; Initial offering price 0.0215 dollar .

by comparison ,SPC Our economic model is more delicate .SPC Total circulation 1 Million pieces , among 96% From mining , Release once a week , Every time 200 over ( According to the total power of the whole network, it is released to each power holder ),48 Week release complete ,4% For airdrop .NGK Our mining plan includes LP Liquidity mining 、 Single currency Staking dig 、 There are four kinds of Mining: Trading mining and inviting mining , Greatly enriched the user participation NGK Ecological channels .

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