Siming: turn blockchain into Xiamen's advantage industry

siming turn blockchain xiamen advantage

Taiwan Internet 3 month 30 - According to Xiamen evening news The block chain service industry in Siming District has a large scale , How to better promote development ? The science and Technology Committee of the Political Consultative Conference of Siming District actively put forward suggestions and suggestions , Including the suggestion that the government set up a training institute , Cultivate talents ; The government provides application scenarios , Take the application of government affairs and people's livelihood as a breakthrough , Provide benchmarking application cases for local blockchain enterprises ; Establish a policy guidance fund for blockchain investment , Cultivate the growth of enterprises, etc .

Set up a training institute Cultivate and gather talents

Zeng Fanchang, member of the science and Technology Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference in Siming District, believes that , Siming District may consider setting up a training college , Apply to the relevant national departments for the title of blockchain engineer “ Certificate issued ”, adopt “ Certificate issued ” Master the talents of blockchain “ lifeblood ”, And then promote the development of the blockchain industry in Xiamen . meanwhile , We can cooperate with universities and other research institutions , Seek breakthroughs in underlying technologies in the blockchain field . Through the education and training of relevant talents in the blockchain industry , Cultivate a group of middle-level technical talents , These technical talents and leaders work together to promote the development of the blockchain industry .

Su Nianle, vice president of the urban block chain association, said , By accelerating the cultivation of blockchain talents , It will help Siming and even Xiamen realize “ Overtaking in curve ”. Talent Gathering , Promote forum and talent exchange , Ultimately, it will enhance the enterprise 、 The vitality of the industry .

The government provides application scenarios Build benchmarking cases

Zeng Fanchang and Su Nianle think that , Blockchain belongs to the category of new infrastructure , The government should take the application of government affairs and people's livelihood as a breakthrough , Provide application scenarios , It's not just a convenience project , It can also help businesses grow . By creating benchmarking application cases , Promote the promotion and publicity of blockchain technology by application , Promote enterprises from the local to the whole country .

Zeng Fanchang believes that , Blockchain industry is a technology and talent driven industry . To attract leading enterprises , The first is talent , The second is orders , The third is the cluster effect of industry . Xiamen has software industry cluster , Blockchain as a subdivision of the software industry , It is very hopeful that the blockchain will become an advantageous industry in Xiamen .

It is suggested to set up investment master fund

Guide the fund to help the development of enterprises

Zeng Fanchang suggested that the government target small enterprises with leading figures or core technologies , Give policy 、 Orders and other support , Such enterprises are likely to grow and grow in the future .

Su Nianle suggested that the government should make financial contribution and introduce social capital at the same time , Set up investment master Fund . Enterprises get industrial funds , It can solve the problem of capital demand in the early stage , Later, other investment funds also dare to invest boldly , Help enterprises to embark on the track of sound development .

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