How to develop the filecoin ecological project in 2021? Can the price of fil reach $200?

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develop filecoin ecological project price

This series is mainly for investors ,Filecoin Ecological actors or entrepreneurs looking for new directions , It aims to provide ideas for investment direction and entrepreneurship direction , To help you fully understand Filecoin Potential ecological opportunities .V     ipfs9966

at present Filecoin The storage capacity of the whole network is 2.89EB scale , From mortgage assets TVL In terms of estimation , Cut in TVL achieve 2.1 US $100 million . Not including other hardware 、 Machine room facilities and other fixed investment . from Filecoin Storage network size ,TVL, From the perspective of participating capital, etc ,Filecoin It's no longer a simple emerging project , It has already occupied a leading position in the field of distributed storage .

Yes Filecoin A new understanding of Chinese culture

Bitcoin It is the carrier of large-scale capital and concept value ,ETH It's the carrier of programmable finance , and Filecoin It's a multimedia carrier in a decentralized world .

How to generalize simply and abstractly Filecoin What about function? ?Filecoin To write and take out most of the multimedia content in the blockchain world .

If we give two actions to write and take out , Plus the axis of time . Continuous time reading and writing is hot storage , Read and write in interval time is snapshot cold storage . If you add velocity to this axis , Fast read and write in real-time scenes , Slow read and write is in the scene of low real-time requirements . If you add the axis of the medium , Multimedia has many kinds of media ( Text , Binary ,MP3,MP4,PNG,VR Format file ), Read and write files on different media , It's all a specific application scenario .

 First episode | Filecoin Ecological project investment guide ( Preliminary chapter )

in summary , It's just a decomposition of several dimensions of reading and writing , However, each dimension can be re decomposed . From these dimensions, we can deduce logically , In the process of deduction , Difficulties are opportunities , The details will be discussed later .

Yes, yes Filecoin Basic knowledge , Start building the system framework

Any innovation follows the law of development of things , Most of them are the re combination of micro innovation in the past . So to learn from Web1.0,Web2.0 The technological development path of , We worked out a general framework for thinking ( But not limited to that ).

But we need to be aware of Filecoin It's also a blockchain project , comparison Web1.0,Web2.0 More value This dimension , As well as the value dimension decomposition , Value transfer , Value storage and other dimensions .V   ipfs9966

 First episode | Filecoin Ecological project investment guide ( Preliminary chapter )

Filecoin The main line is 5 About a month or so , The whole ecology is in a state of waste . But algorithms and hardware are developing rapidly , The fastest encapsulation speed in the whole network is 4 Hours down to 2 More than hours . also AMD A new generation of Merlin came out , Speed will go up another step .

Of course, progress also , The main chain is not omnipotent . Any technology is to serve the actual needs , Think of yourself as an ordinary user , I hope the technology can meet my needs , How many mountains does it take to cross , These dilemmas that need to be overcome , Often at the same time .

Expansion layer

for example Filecoin It has its own simplicity actor The contract system , New features need to upgrade the main chain , To succeed . Unlike Ethereum, which has a smart contract system .

But these Filecoin The missing part , It's just a big opportunity . Design Oracle with monitor mechanism , Straddle Filecoin Between the main chain and Ethereum , In this way, when writing the logical code of Ethereum smart contract , Can trigger and Filecoin Main chain interaction events . All of a sudden, the whole Ethereum ecosystem and Filecoin Ecology empowers each other . This is to enable an Ethereum that does not have the ability to read and write multimedia content .

Filecoin Now upload the file , You need to know a miner's miner number , To upload point-to-point . How to speed up the whole process of circulation and distribution , Namely CDN(CDN The full name is Content Delivery Network, The content distribution network .) Layer to do . This is to speed up the process of reading and writing .

When I'm going to be based on Filecoin When uploading files , I came across a big mountain , I need to run a full node , Upload files from the command line . The whole process , It's going to be a huge amount of work . If there is one that provides highly packaged and complete functions SDK, The developer calls this SDK, Can be more than a dozen lines of code to achieve their desired functions .

Middle layer

With the expansion layer , Lower the threshold of interaction between me and the main chain . To the state on the chain , I can be omniscient . Because of the lack of function of the main chain and meet the mountain , It's been leveled .

Next is how to solve the scenario due to business needs , And the mountains I met . All emerging business scenarios , It's all about leveling mountains . A lot of people try to be clever , Choose to take a detour . Finally find out the cost of going around , But the biggest .

The emergence of middleware , Lower the development threshold for more developers . Only by lowering the development threshold , The overall developer ecology will flourish . Ethereum ecology is a good case ,Solidity The programming framework greatly reduces the development threshold , It's attracting a lot of developers . Other public chains in order to attract developers , Use the same EVM and Solidity Programming framework , This also strengthens the Ethereum developer ecosystem .

So middleware to help developers develop faster , It's a direction of continuous compound interest .

The business layer

The picture shows ,DeFi、 Power money 、NFT、 Data applications and more , It's more about using the value dimension of blockchain to think . Throughout all the projects that can be implemented in the direction of blockchain , It's more about value . Otherwise, it can't reflect and Web2.0 The difference advantage of .

Filecoin As a decentralized storage network , Its storage essence is the carrier medium of multimedia . However, blockchain network has its own characteristics of decentralization , There is friction loss . Move the traditional business model of the Internet to Filecoin The Internet , It's hard to apply . When considering a scene , You have to think about user input and return , Otherwise, the high cost of use will dissuade users .V     ipfs9966


We build a thinking framework , It can help us break away from the specific implementation details , From the macro level Filecoin The logic of ecological development . Set up a set of Dataverse( Derived from Metaverse, Data from the physical world . Become transferable within the metauniverse , The data world that can be valued by Finance ) OS system , From the bottom up, we have to look for investment targets .

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