Detailed explanation of grid quantization exchange

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detailed explanation grid quantization exchange

Grid trading is a kind of active trading strategy that uses market volatility to gain control , Its basic principle is to do mechanical high throwing and low absorbing in the shock area , In order to maximize the return on investment, we should increase and reduce the positions in the volatile market , Not because of investor sentiment and future market trends .

In quantitative trading app in , Docking coin an 、 Fire money and other exchange information , Policy settings that can be traded . The intelligent strategy model , No need to configure parameters , Enable zero base users to start directly with one click , Fast experience of smart grid quantitative transactions .

In smart grid strategy mode , There are three types , Conservative type 、 Robust 、 Radical , Users are free to choose the policy type . In expert strategy , Users can customize parameter configuration , You can also set a stop loss .

The first factor to make good use of grid trading strategy is to make clear the meaning of each parameter , Only in this way can we choose a more reasonable strategy type in the changing market .

A price range : Only in the range of price range can we place an order , If the market price is out of range, do not open a position , The price returns to the range to resume trading .

Profit per grid : Every time you complete a corresponding buy and sell ( Or sell and buy ), The profit ratio earned , Setting too high a profit rate will reduce trading opportunities .

The number of transactions per unit : The input assets are divided into N Share , The fund for each order is 1/N Put in assets .

See policy details

After successful startup, you can view the revenue situation of the strategy .

Grid quantization usage considerations

  1. Grid trading strategy only supports firm offer strategy , Analog disk startup is not supported . To start the grid, you need to open the exchange first USDT Standard contract , At present, fire money is supported 、 Currency exchange , Other exchanges will be opened later .
  2. Grid strategy investment is the amount of funds in the exchange contract account , If it exceeds the limit, it will be automatically transferred out of the control currency account .
  3. A trading pair is only allowed to start one strategy .
  4. If manual operation is required , Stop the strategy first , To prevent the risk of warehouse explosion caused by improper operation .
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