Blockchain exchange building for blockchain technology application

blockchain exchange building blockchain technology

Blockchain comes from the implementation of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin , At present, this technology has been gradually applied in various fields . Blockchain as the technology behind bitcoin , No central server required , All kinds of stored data can be made public 、 transparent 、 Traceability .
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It was originally a unique way for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to store data , It's a self referencing data structure , It's used to store a lot of transaction information , Each record is linked sequentially from the back to the front , Open and transparent 、 Cannot tamper with 、 Easy to trace features . actually , This feature also directly reflects the characteristics of the whole bitcoin , Therefore, it is very intuitive and appropriate to use blockchain to summarize the technical implementation behind cryptocurrency . Blockchain is a technology , Cryptocurrency is a kind of product developed and implemented by cryptocurrency ( With token , There are also blockchain products without tokens ), Cannot be equated or confused . Compared to cryptocurrency , The name blockchain puts aside the concept of token , More figurative 、 Technicalization , It is more suitable to be studied as a technology .
We all know , The first example of blockchain that most people encounter in their daily life , Blockchain currency exchange . It's called China “ Bitcoin's richest man ” Li Xiaolai said in his blockchain training class that , Now? , Want to make money , You have to be an exchange . so , The frenzied influx of institutions and individuals is not totally unreasonable .
First of all, the digital currency exchange is a platform for central words , adopt Web The page or PC、 The form of mobile client , Let the user recharge the digital currency to the specified wallet address ( The wallet created by the exchange ), And then pay the bill on the platform 、 Selling orders to exchange digital currencies .
The advantage of such direct exchange on the blockchain is that the exchange does not hold a large number of users' cryptocurrencies , All cryptocurrencies will be stored on the blockchain and controlled by users' wallets or smart contracts . An exchange that would have needed trust centralism , Now you just need to trust the blockchain and smart contracts . Most of the smart contracts used in exchanges will be open source so that everyone can confirm the details of the contract .
The central exchange usually does not disclose the source code of trading details , In fact, only its insiders can know how to operate . Open smart contracts maintain the transparency and security of the transaction process , Even if there is profit in the split, it will also be disclosed on the blockchain .
In the exchange , People who know how to invest will try to find business opportunities in the highly complex parameters of dealmaking , It's like profiting from the stock market . Some people combine their investments through different matching strategies , Instead of simply buying and selling , But to be honest , It's not easy to predict the market , This often requires agile market observation . Some even use deep learning to invest in automation —— Like the alpha cat , It can learn from the exchange like an alpha dog K Line graph / Depth map / Moving average and other parameters , Constantly correct their investment strategies to achieve returns that normal human beings cannot achieve .

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