Fil up, filecoin is expected to become the next bitcoin

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fil filecoin expected bitcoin

BTC since 2018 year 11 month 1 Japan was proposed by Nakamoto , Officially born in 2019 year 1 month 3 Japan . It's a decentralized design , Directly through the network collective management transaction release , It is a kind of P2P Form of virtual cryptocurrency .V|IPFS_KF818

Ten years after that ,BTC From being anonymous at first to tens of thousands of dollars now 1 gold , It creates a whole new kind of asset . People who believe in it see it as the future direction , Those who don't believe in it see it as a Ponzi scheme . but BTC The road to the rise of blockchain is the process from birth to recognition of blockchain technology .

2009 year 10 month , The initial price of bitcoin is about 0.00076 dollar / gold ;

2010 year 11 month , Bitcoin in Mt.Gox The price of the exchange reaches 0.5 dollar / gold ;

2011 year 6 month , The price of bitcoin has reached 31 dollar ;

2012 end of the year , Bitcoin's price is 13.44 dollar ;

2013 year 11 End of month , Climb to 1000 dollar ;

2014 year 4 month , Fall to 400 dollar ;

2015 year 4 month , At a minimum 76 dollar ;

2017 year 5 month , The price keeps climbing and surpasses 2000 dollar ;

2017 year 12 month 17 Japan , Bitcoin is at its highest ever price 19850 dollar ;

2018 year 11 month 25 Japan , Bitcoin is falling 4000 The dollar pass , After that, it stabilized at 3000 More than US dollars ;

2019 year 4 month , Bitcoin broke through again 5000 The dollar pass , A new high in the year ;

2019 year 5 month 14 Japan , According to the coinmarketcap Quotation display , Bitcoin station 8000 dollar .

BTC It provides us with a new safe and fast trading mode , This pattern is the first mock exam .

If you are in 2010 Buy BTC Words , Will get 5000 Double the value , If you shoot at the highest point, you can get 20000 Double the value . But now it's time 2021 year , Belong to BTC The era of high returns is over , Now BTC The entrance threshold of the New York City is already too high , It's going to be hard for ordinary people to get into . Today's era belongs to Filecoin.

With IPFS Distributed storage technology and its incentive network Filecoin On line , Its token FIL And then the fire , In recent years FIL The price of the currency soared ,FIL Known as the next bitcoin .

Filecoin Where is the charm of ?

First ,Filecoin It is the shortest time-consuming and the largest fund-raising project in the history of blockchain , Favored by giants like Sequoia Capital .

secondly ,Filecoin In the network FIL Of the total 70% Produced by miners , This is already very rare in blockchain projects , I believe there will be more people who have participated in other blockchain projects .

Third ,Filecoin Unique mining mode ,Filecoin Mining doesn't need to be like BTC That consumes a lot of energy , Miners only need to provide storage space and bandwidth to participate in mining . And the storage space contributed by miners can form a distributed storage network , Contribute the space of storing civilization data for mankind .

Fourth ,Filecoin It has a unique pre pledge mechanism ,Filecoin Storage gives fair treatment to both the supply and demand of storage space , Because there is a shortage of supply in the mortgage market , The price is bound to soar . at present Filecoin The main network is online 5 Months , The pledge amount of the whole network has reached 5400 over .

The fifth ,Filecoin The network is built on IPFS Based on , With IPFS The expansion of application ,Filecoin The degree of recognition will also increase , It's also going to indirectly improve FIL The value of .

The sixth 、Filecoin It is the only blockchain project with landing application in the blockchain market at present , After its successful landing , Its position will be even more unshakable .

The seventh 、 Although blockchain has an epoch-making breakthrough in decentralization , But today's blockchain technology can't solve the problem of data storage , and IPFS/Filecoin The birth of the new century has effectively solved this problem , In the future, all kinds of decentralized applications will come out .

Now ,FIL The price is already 130 Dollar Online , According to its development curve , Next two years FIL The price of 1000 element / It's just around the corner , even to the extent that 1000 dollar / It's not something I can't imagine .


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