Bitcoin boom directly promotes global chip shortage and aggravates energy consumption

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bitcoin boom directly promotes global

According to foreign media reports , As bitcoin continues to attract investors , Let the already hot cryptocurrency market add another fire .3 In June, bitcoin reached 6 $10000 high . Given the popularity of bitcoin . Financial economists Alex de Vries stay 2021 year 3 month 10 Published in Japan 《Joule》 In a review in a magazine , Quantifying how the soaring price of bitcoin drives up energy consumption , Exacerbates the global shortage of chips , It even threatens international security .V|IPFS_KF818

According to the mining principle of bitcoin , Anyone with a computer and access to the Internet can participate in bitcoin mining . Its principle is to get block rewards by calculating the mathematical equations given by the network . In the blockchain acquisition principle of bitcoin , The acquisition of bitcoin mainly comes from computing power and power cost .

All users involved in bitcoin mining , Although you don't have to pay for electricity directly , But in terms of cost structure , Power resources are real costs .

Participating in bitcoin mining not only consumes energy , adopt 1 Bitcoin price estimates for the month , The whole bitcoin network consumes as much electricity as 184TWh, Close to the energy consumption of all data centers around the world ; And we know , Generally, the generation of electric energy will be accompanied by the generation of carbon dioxide , And bitcoin consumes so much energy , It is estimated that , Producing this energy requires producing 9020 10000 tons of carbon dioxide , It's equivalent to London's annual CO2 emissions .

The data center can also serve the data storage of all human beings , But bitcoin serves almost no one , But it still consumes a lot of energy .

The popularity of bitcoin has stimulated a large number of miners to invest in hardware and power resources , When BTC A few days up , More people are investing in hardware mining , This further leads to an increase in energy consumption , vice versa . Because the market is too enthusiastic about bitcoin , Hardware manufacturers have said that , Their hardware is out of stock , Hardware products may need to be ordered in advance or even wait for a long time . This explanation , At the time of purchase , The amount of energy consumed is " lock " Of .

" The price of bitcoin could plummet 25%、30%, Because of the lock-in effect , Your final energy consumption point may still be the same ."" The whole idea of my article is to translate what bitcoin price inflation will mean , It's not just about the environment , It also includes the influence of externalities ." Financial economists Alex de Vries Say so .

Bitcoin mining is a huge loss of hardware , The mining life cycle of the equipment is very short . The hardware that has reached the life cycle is finally sent to the environment as e-waste . And bitcoin mining needs a lot of chips , This will make the chip market with insufficient capacity more competitive “ core ” Hard to find , Miners compete with industries that already need chips, such as personal consumer electronics and electric cars , The shortage of chips has greatly increased the price of chips . We know that the birth of new energy vehicles is to replace fuel vehicles , So as to effectively reduce pollution .

For policy makers , Because bitcoin mining tends to adopt a centralized mode , It can be easily stopped . For example, we can intervene by raising electricity prices or confiscating equipment ; Taxing device manufacturers or restricting access to chips is also a way to consider .

Although bitcoin has a special monetary attribute with its decentralized attribute , But policy makers can still limit their adoption of policies , Strengthen supervision , Block their trade to affect prices .

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