Introduction to jusswap exchange

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introduction jusswap exchange

JustSwap Finance Token(JFT) yes JustSwap Community members are based on TRON It's published online Fefi Tokens, ,JustSwap exchange JFT Using the liquidity of revolutionary innovation (DEX+AMN+Uniswap),JustSwap app Thanks to the TRON The high concurrency of the network TPS,Swap Performance achieved 600 Ten thousand brush / Per second .JustSwap City TRON The first token exchange protocol on , Users can TRC20 Token Exchange between . It already includes TRX、JST、USDT etc. 30 Kind of TRC20 Token Online .

JustSwap In essence, it is a project built on the wave field public chain , It's free to deposit tokens for exchange , Free to extract , There is no registration of a centralized exchange 、 Authentication and extraction restrictions, etc .

Traders can trade whatever they want TRC20 pass , A market maker can achieve zero price control . Any trader can trade any TRC20 currency , Transactions need to be paid 0.3% I'll pay you a commission of token Liquidity providers , All transaction fees will be injected into Zijin pool , These transaction fees will be distributed pro rata to all liquidity providers . Therefore, liquidity providers can increase revenue by injecting Zijin into Zijin pool to obtain transaction fees . Liquidity providers can extract their share of the liquidity pool at any time .

Liquidity can be said to be all the projects in the circle 、 exchange , The most important factor in the development of the whole industry ,JustSwap It can provide unlimited liquidity for thousands of traders and hundreds of applications . Convenient and quick ,JustSwap It can be concluded immediately , No need to wait for the order to be matched .JustSwap Adopt automated liquidity protocols . Use the equivalent of TEC and TRC20 Token to establish a chain of transactions on the pool , Provide liquidity for exchanges . On the chain transaction pool uses the automatic market maker algorithm to execute the transaction , Without order book and counter party , The system automatically sets the price and matches the deal immediately .

JustSwap common problem :

1、JustSwap How it works ?

JustSwap It's an automatic liquidity agreement . There's no need to bid , married deal , There is no centralized organization or facility to guarantee the transaction . Each transaction pool is controlled by a smart contract , Support for exchange token, Increase liquidity and other operations . Each pool essentially uses the formula x*y=k To make sure the deal is reasonable .

2、 What do you support Token?

Support TRX and TRC20 token Exchange between banks , Also support TRC20 and TRC20 token Exchange between banks .

3、 What determines the price ?

The price is determined by each pool of funds token Relative quantity determines . Smart contracts maintain a constant formula :x*y=k, Under this condition ,x=token1, y = token2, k= Constant . Every deal , Will delete a certain number of token, In exchange for another token The number of . During this time , Constant k unchanged , Balance update . therefore , Every deal adjusts token Balance of , And change the price .

  1. Why my exchange failed ?

If you don't have enough energy and bandwidth , Or the sliding point tolerance is set too small , It will cause the exchange to fail . You can exchange through the advanced settings window , Increase the sliding point tolerance , At the same time, ensure that the wallet account has enough energy and bandwidth , To make sure the deal is successful .

5、JustSwap Is there a service charge for the exchange ?

Need to pay 0.3% I'll pay you a commission of token Liquidity providers , For example token1 exchange TRX, Need to pay 0.3% Of token1 As a service charge . use TRX exchange token2, Need to pay 0.3% Of TRX As a commission .

6、 What's the initial price of creating a pool of funds ?

The initial price is set by the first person to create the pool and increase liquidity , If the price is unreasonable , There will be users arbitrage through external exchange , Make the price tend to a reasonable range .

7、 add to / Delete the token How the scale is calculated ?

add to / When deleting asset pool liquidity , It needs to be based on the current pool of funds token and TRX The proportion of quantity is increased and deleted . For example, in the pool of funds token Count :TRX Count =1:100, You add and delete token and TRX The number ratio must be 1:100.

8、 How to enter a new token?

The first thing you need to do is tronscan Enter new token Information about , After passing the audit, you can JustSwp Create a transaction pair and add a pool of funds , So that others can trade .

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