Blockchain technology development + spot trading system to create a new ecological chain

blockchain technology development spot trading

The spot trade industry is the same as other industries , It can also be distributed according to blockchain technology 、 De centralization 、 No tampering 、 Value can be transmitted . By playing the role of blockchain in promoting data sharing 、 Optimize business processes 、 Reduce operating costs 、 Enhance collaborative efficiency 、 The role of building a credible system , Realize the industrial ecology of commodity circulation supply chain , Open up the innovation chain of spot trading and circulation 、 Application chain 、 Value chain , Help traditional industries to upgrade perfectly .

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Because the subject matter of spot transaction is physical commodity spot , In spot trading , Physical varieties are all commodities that can enter circulation . Therefore, blockchain technology enables the real industry , Spot trading mode and system based on blockchain technology , To be a truly landing blockchain project . Reduce all kinds of chaos in spot trading , Perfect solution to the problem of storage data authenticity , Promote the circulation of goods , Put an end to false warehouse receipts 、 Repeated pledge 、 Data fraud and other phenomena .

According to insiders , Spot trading venues are also doing beneficial exploration of blockchain Technology , Some have even landed , Based on the blockchain technology, the re purchase rate of commodities exceeds 6 become !

Rabbit, a spot trading platform with blockchain technology as the core , stay 2020 That is to provide users with a more transparent and fair , Safe settlement of the new spot trading platform . This trust free point-to-point model , It means that it is less necessary for commercial banks to act as payment intermediary and trust intermediary , It will weaken the role of traditional commercial banks in the settlement process , Reduce intermediate links , Shorten the trading process , At the same time save transaction costs .

“ Blockchain Technology + Social games + Spot trading ” Three in one , Forward looking industrial layout and new technology , A new way of playing has been opened up in the spot market , It reduces all kinds of risks in the traditional trading market , Optimized the supervision and logistics management in spot trading , consumption + The game is mining , Consumption is the way to create value , It is bound to form a new trend of economic development !

This paper is written by mkz888z Arrangement , Welcome to exchange !

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