Lateral evaluation of DEX track and analysis of cross chain technology innovation of ngkex ecology

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lateral evaluation dex track analysis

From the beginning of the year to now ,DeFi The market is still booming , It also seems to be laying the foundation for the development of the encryption world in the coming year . without doubt ,DeFi At a time when the cryptocurrency market is hot , It's still the main theme .


The difference is , This year's DeFi Development trend of , stay 2020 Year of DeFi On the basis of , At the same time, it explores new directions .DeFi Subdivision of the track DEX Has become the focus of this year , Especially its faster trading speed 、 Lower sliding point 、 Lower Gas cost , Has been recognized by many users .



actually , Based on anticipation of future trends ,NGKEX It's been moving in this direction , And in this competitive DEX Gradually come to the fore .


current DEX Track , There are two main types , One is based on Ethereum protocol DEX platform , Such as Uniswap; The other is based on the underlying technology of its own public chain DEX platform , Such as NGKEX.


Obviously , Compared to the Ethernet protocol based DEX platform , Built with its own public chain bottom technology DEX Platforms seem to be more popular . This point , stay NGKEX It's confirmed here .


Compared to the mainstream DEX platform ,NGKEX Although it's late , But it doesn't affect its advantage . Its Gas Low cost 、 The advantages of high throughput and stable platform , It is recognized by many ecological builders . Therefore , since NGKEX Since on-line , There has been a surge in the number of registrations across the Internet .


Back to the user's point of view , Careful analysis ,NGKEX In addition to providing security for users 、 Fast 、 Low cost mining environment , Another user-friendly point is to break the isolated state of blockchain , Support users to purchase and transfer assets between different blockchains . because , stay NGKEX It seems ,DeFi The future of interoperability is bound to be , Instead of just depending on a single chain .


therefore ,NGKEX Based on the underlying public chain NGK technology , Build a cross chain DEX agreement , Committed to creating a new generation of DEX The Internet .

stay NGKEX In the design of ,NGKEX  Will be based on NGK The cross chain of the public chain Protocol extension , And then build a  DEX Special cross chain underlying generic protocol . This is a NGK Public chain Decentralization on the Internet Ecological Institute Open source licenses , The goal is to build a networked liquidity layer , This will allow all NGK Parallel chains can be shared based on this NGK Public chain The liquidity network of assets . The future will also expand except NGK Cross chain asset transactions outside parallel chains .

In the future era of ten thousand chain Interconnection ,NGKEX This model will have a natural advantage in scalability . And at this stage , With DEX The development of , Asset cross chain has gradually opened the hidden attributes, and more and more people pay attention to it , The first generation of cross chain asset verification channels and usage scenarios are such as anchored assets Half span chain The feasibility of the model has been verified , Real assets cross the chain, such as NGKEX Will soon To shine .

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