Is it a kind of hype for New York state to combine new crown health pass with blockchain?

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kind hype new york state

The latest news comes from the office of the governor of New York state , New York and IBM Cooperation will make citizens Covid-19 Detection and vaccination data are stored through the blockchain . They are already IBM System Excelsior Pass Start testing on the Internet .

This “ Health pass ” It's a smartphone app in itself , It can show what to scan before entering the room or other public meeting places QR code , When verified by another device , It proves that the vector has targeted Covid-19 Vaccinated or received recent negative test results .

Excelsior Pass The data behind is on the blockchain , The software technology behind bitcoin and other digital currencies is one of them . Blockchain is essentially just a widely distributed list of data , Its content can use cryptography ( It's essentially complex mathematics ) Verified as real data . Blockchains are usually public , Its content is of great importance to anyone with Internet People connected are transparent , but Excelsior Pass The content behind it will be private , This means that only IBM Only the approving parties can check the content .

On the face of it , Such a system will make people ( At least those who can afford a smartphone ) Move more freely in the community ,Excelsior Pass In the recent Brooklyn nets game, he won “ success ” Test of , And will soon be used in Madison Square Garden .

however , The governor's office and IBM No details were disclosed , For example, how the application works behind the scenes and how to protect privacy .“ Blockchain ” It has become a buzzword in the industry . Because the basic mathematics behind these software ledgers is extremely complex , So with “ Blockchain ” There are all kinds of hype about the word .

Using tamper proof blockchain to store and share data can be of great significance , For example, keep a running list of transactions that people tend to argue about , For example, legal contracts , Or cryptocurrencies like bitcoin , Who pays who how much , When to pay . Blockchain should rely on “ Consensus ”, Instead of relying on Visa Or the integrity of Bank of America to track these things , This means that all the many computers involved in the network are constantly working together to verify the contents of the general ledger and reach a consensus on it , Without the signature of a central agency or leader .

But just Excelsior Pass for , It's not clear what the purpose of the technology is , In particular, given that the nature of public health strategies for pandemics needs to be based on central institutions ( Medical institutions and the state of New York ) The trust of the .

John · Professor of cryptography at Johns Hopkins University · green (Matthew Green) say :“ There is no reason to adopt blockchain for this problem .”  Blockchain solves a very specific problem of distrust , The problem with vaccines is that you do trust people , You have to trust the data entered into the blockchain : True trust in who is vaccinated or not .”

Deploy Covid-19 Responding to the application needs “ A lot of policy thinking , It requires a lot of hardware, software and user experience , And all of these issues have nothing to do with blockchain .”

New York State just needs to put its vaccine health information on a web server , It can be converted to QR code . Then we can start to solve the problems related to access and privacy .


banq review : The data put into the blockchain should be a kind of gerund data , It's a noun + Verb data , For example, various events , An event represents an action , Trading is an action , Transaction is another kind of noun ; Contract is also a gerund , This way of analysis is related to DDD The name of the aggregate root entity is a truth , For example, order is a gerund , An order represents the occurrence and result of an event , So all kinds of order data can exist in the blockchain .

The new crown negative test is also a gerund , Represents an event , There are also results ; New crown vaccine injection is also a gerund , Represents an event , There is also a result , Therefore, these event data can be entered at the trusted point of each hospital , Then it is copied to each node by consensus mechanism , therefore , From this point of view ,IBM This set of blockchain usage mechanism is feasible .



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