According to the summary of recent hot news of filecoin, filecoin is in the stage of implementation and development

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summary recent hot news filecoin

In the last week , A lot of attention Filecoin People all over the world are exclaiming “FIL Crazy !”, because FIL The price increase has reached an amazing level in the past week , drive Filecoin It's really on fire . Today, let's take a look at the recent Filecoin What good times have happened , So that we can have a better understanding of Filecoin The essence of this project .V|IPFS_KF818

Liverpeer And Filecoin Joint mining

3.24 Japan Liverpeer After just becoming gray's fund, it launched new actions , It is announced today that it will work with Filecoin Joint mining experiments were carried out .

In fact as early as 21 Japan ,Filecoin The official said that based on Filecoin Video application of from Filecoin And Ethereum live video platform Livepeer Cooperative launch . It's an experimental decentralized video hosting platform , Can be used to upload and share videos , Users can use it for free , Without registration .

Filecoin Integrate Chainlink Predicting machine

3.24 Japan Filecoin Release the news Chainlink Is working with Filecoin Integrate , So as to achieve Filecoin Network and Ethereum and other blockchain network links supporting smart contracts . From then on, all blockchain developers will have a complete Web3.0 Infrastructure stack , These include blockchains for logic and state changes on the chain .

Now, with the development of smart contract technology, more data has been generated , Developers are right Filecoin The demand of data storage is more and more urgent ,Chainlink It acts as a bridge between the two networks , It is a secure and reliable communication protocol .

Distributed capital completion Filecoin Special fund raising

According to the relevant news , Distributed capital announced the completion of Filecoin Special fund raising , The fund is over raised as a whole , The final management scale is 30 ten thousand FIL( According to the current market price 2300 Ten thousand dollars ). The investment scope of the fund will cover all aspects of IPFS/Filecoin Projects related to Ecology ( But it doesn't include FIL Mining service company ).

Since the beginning of this year , Distributed capital has been connected with Filecoin Slingshot、Tachyon、Longhash Accelerator, etc , Access to the world's emerging Filecoin Ecological innovation projects . The mission of the fund is to promote IPFS/Filecoin Ecological health and orderly development .

At the application level ,Filecoin We have also made gratifying progress . A number of companies have announced the adoption of IPFS/Filecoin Technology for data storage . These applications are gradually coming into our lives , Changing our lives .

Taopaipai will connect data to Filecoin platform

Taopaipai, China's leading photography service, announced that it will use IPFS / Filecoin Store their photo data . As the world's leading O2O Photography platform , The huge storage demand perplexes taopai , And distributed storage has become the solution .

Fleek Launch the auto archive feature

2 month 19 Japan ,Fleek Official announcement , Will be for Fleek All sites and storage on are enabled Filecoin Automated archiving / Backup . Now use Fleek Everyone in the world will benefit immediately , No extra cost , The data can be stored on a distributed network , Make the project better into Web3.0.

The way to solve this problem is through the user controlled IPFS To change the storage mode by providing distributed storage on . At the same time through IPFS and Textile Designing a hosted infrastructure , Give the user full control of the file / The key to the data .

NFT Will be introduced into IPFS/Filecoin

earlier Filecoin Founder Hu Anfa tweeted that “ be not in IPFS Upper NFT, Is not your NFT”. And the core developers Why Also in the Slack The channel released its own version of NFT View of the .Why Express : We can do it in Filecoin Add NFT actor, Allow people to cast and trade as they do on Ethereum NFT assets .

The most popular blockchain application this year is undoubtedly not NFT Perhaps judge of particulars, , at present NFT Mainly used in the field of art 、 Digital art and collectibles .

NFT The biggest feature is to break the homogenization problem between digital currencies , It has unique characteristics , Creating a unique scarcity value . at present NFT It's difficult to link Ethereum , The main problems are the high cost and the difficulty of implementation , Therefore, we usually store documents with hash values offline ( Centralized server or IPFS) To cast NFT Pass card .IPFS/Filecoin As a decentralized storage protocol , It has the ability to store large volumes 、 Data content of various situations , It can ensure the stability of data, such as tampering , yes NFT Metadata (metadata) The best storage network .


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