Scheme analysis of digital currency automatic market making robot development industry

scheme analysis digital currency automatic

Do you know what quantitative investment is ? Actually , Just like the difference between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine mkz888z Arrangement !

Chinese medicine depends on experience , Stress “ at 、 smell 、 ask 、 cut 、 listen ”, Western medicine depends on indicators , Through a series of examination data to judge the condition . Quantitative investment is nothing more than driving investment and trading with indicators and formulas . Take Taobao as an example , The seller needs to consider the arrangement of customer service equipment and commodity logistics arrangement for double 11 , If the seller judges from experience ,“ There are more buyers at noon ” So it doubles at noon , And make an appointment for Logistics , This is qualitative investment . If the seller uses cloud computing to model and analyze the big data of his double 11 sales , Find out “11:25 to 12:15,12:45—13:30” The most active time of trading , And so double customer service 、 Booking Logistics , This is the micro network quantitative investment .

2010 China launched stock index futures in , For the first time, we have the tools to short the market , Thus, it provides the basis for the design of complex strategy based on algorithm , therefore 2010 We call it hedge fund and quantitative investment year one . With the introduction of stock index futures , There are four products related to quantitative investment booming . The first is long stocks 、 Alpha hedging products that short stock index futures ; The second is to make use of the characteristics that stock index futures can be traded many times a day , Technical analysis and program trading of stock index futures , So called procedural CTA product ; The third is in a very short time , High frequency trading of stock index futures with complex algorithms , So called high frequency trading products ; The fourth is , For stock index futures and its spot ETF/ Stock spread trading operation . Of course , These high-end quantitative tools require a lot of computer and research investment , So it's mainly in the hands of professional institutions . The significance of quantitative investment is , Technology and engineering forces have entered the financial industry , The common people can not only choose the public funds that follow the market , You can also choose the so-called absolute income financial products .

Quantitative investment in the era of Cloud Computing

After the first year of quantitative investment , Many relevant professionals who are interested in this have joined the development camp of quantitative investment strategy , Relative to limited asset management institutions and product demand , There is a phased surplus of talent and strategy , We need a way out . On the other hand , There's a huge customer base , They are not interested in buying financial products directly , I hope I can participate in the process of wealth management through securities and futures accounts , But they don't have much time to take care of their accounts . The market needs a platform for strategy providers to connect with financiers who need to rent strategy models , So that they can trade ; After the financier rents the model , We also need a powerful environment to use the model , Ensure the normal operation of the policy , This is the quantitative investment in the era of cloud computing , So-called “ Cloud Trading ”. Micro network is a specific public application of the above cloud transaction .

In an era of innovation and change , information technology 、 Engineering technology 、 Internet 、 The Internet of things and even the Internet of ten thousand have changed people's basic necessities of life , Changed our lives . Now , These technologies also began to penetrate into the peak industry of intellectual game —— The wealth management industry . In science fiction movies of the last century , Those stupid robots are like the Arabian Nights , In the era of rapid development , Those images are now antiques . Rent a robot to invest , It has become a reality , But it's going to be like in recent movies , There's one that's exactly like people , Also has the ability of self evolution “ robot ” Yes, of course , The thought source of quantitative investment is human after all , Quantitative investment in the era of cloud computing and big data , Take the imagination of investment one step further , Simplify our lives , Meet our needs . This shows us some hope for scientific and technological progress . This paper is written by mkz888z Arrangement

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