A new mining blockchain advertising platform in rich first code internal test

new mining blockchain advertising platform

【Rich Tree】- A blockchain advertising platform that belongs entirely to users ! Will be in 4 month 6 Japan officially opened the internal test .
Now open the web page to register first , Simple authentication 0 cost , Give me a fortune tree ( value 200U),
Produce RICH The coin .RICH Money can be used for advertising , Or the market RICH/USDT transaction .

RichTree It's an advertising platform for the future , It uses blockchain technology to restructure the interest structure of all parties ,
It is expected to become a unicorn in the field of blockchain advertising . Subversive high-end blockchain advertising platform ! Project promotion and innovation are necessary !
Now it's in the warm-up promotion period , project app Not yet .
A new model -RichTree   Real name delivery 112 The coin , Delivered 2 Money can be sold directly ,
New advertising model : Personal watering and mining - Individuals sell money - Advertisers buy money - Advertisers advertise - Personal reading gains moisture - Watering and mining ,
Recyclable mining mode , As long as an individual or a team has RICH Money can be used to advertise , Ads can jump to other web pages .
Register link :https://richtree.org/?ref=Y9MHLBT7Z2#/register
Login link :https://richtree.org
Just click on the link to register , The real name is simple
One 、 Registered real name authentication send 1 A fortune tree , total output 110RICH, At the same time 2 The coin RICH It can be sold directly ,2 One water per 5 It needs to be watered for hours 1 Secondary water ,
No money will be produced without watering , You can spend on the taskbar every day 30 Second reading 4 Announcements , Can be obtained 4 It's water ,
every 12 You can collect money in an hour 1 Time , The speed of money production :0.153 The coin / Hours ,1 Tianke coin 3.67 The coin .
1 Money can be sold , An exchange has been opened , There are selling areas , There is a shopping area , No, it's going up and down , The current currency price 0.7 element ,
Two 、 Transaction fee : The initial fee is 50%, Direct push 1 People's real names are reduced 5% Service Charge , Direct push 5 To minimize the handling charge 25%

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