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egg network eftalk

EGG NETWORK Put ecological construction and technological innovation in the first place , With EFTalk Encrypted social as a traffic portal , parallel EFT Constant price flow pass , Completely decentralized distribution , Based on social traffic data , adopt “ Barrett paid ” Realization of law 80% To the account ,20% Directional node placement 4 times , The stickiness used to maintain the entire social ecology , There is no artificial endorsement in the whole process of SEO , It's completely based on the community traffic autonomous SEO , Subvert tradition USDT The issuance mechanism with Teda Company as the third party endorsement .


Encryption Free Talk ( EFTalk ) Is based on EGG The first decentralized social application ecology created by the open source technology of Yongdong financial public chain , By blockchain smart contract design experts and the world's top Hacker League Work together to build ! With open source 、 Anti censorship 、 Secret anonymity 、 Point to point code encryption and other features


Let's first look at the highlights of the project :

1 Powerful technology : Blockchain intelligent contract design experts and top hackers in the world

2 Distributed ledger : In a system with many nodes , Each node has a high degree of autonomy . There is no central operating point , It's also a platform for users

3 Intelligent contract : Cryptography and code technology all node synchronization on the chain , from “ Code ” Automatic execution of contracts , Ensure fairness and openness

4 Multiple applications : Chain operator 、 Shopping offline 、 Decentralized bidding and other diversified development .

5 Traffic advantage : All users are beneficiaries of Ecology .

6 Open and inclusive : Cross Chain Protocol 2.0, Native support for two-tier Cross Chain Protocol , It is all inclusive and integrated with technology and industry .

7 Yongdong Finance : Yongdong mine pool continues to circulate with the increase of user volume “ Transfer payment — The incremental — Release — And then transfer to pay — Add more — Re release ”( Perpetual motion cycle )

8 Global payments : Scientific and sound circulation system , Follow the trend of volume development , Put an end to bubbles , Realize the real decentralized payment application and token value .


【 An analysis of the token system 】

EFT Toukuang :2100 over , 100% on the market , adopt EFT Flow and increase the ore pool .

attribute : Constant price, not constant quantity

Constant price : about 0.1511 USD/ gold


【 Avanti ~ Revenue model 】

A, Static force mining

investment 10000 Yuan purchase 10000 individual EFT, It's amplified by the flow of rotation 4 Double into 40000 Calculate the force , Every day 2‰ Static release .

Every time I turn out EFT, Automatic return 80% Enter the computing power .

Ten thousand yuan 4 Wansuanli , Re cast 4 Months change 8 Wansuanli ,5 Months change 10 Wansuanli ,6 Months change 12 Wansuanli , A year changes 35 Wansuanli .


B, Dynamic force mining

10000 Calculate the force   V1  3 layer 3‰ Speed up

Push two straight V1  V2  6 layer 3‰ Speed up

Push two straight V2  V3  9 layer 3‰ Speed up

Push two straight V3  V4  12 layer 3‰ Speed up

Push two straight V4  V5  15 layer 3‰ Speed up


for instance , There's a transfer under your umbrella 10000EFT To anyone's account , You immediately get what you've speeded up to dig out of your own calculations 30 individual EFT, This dynamic gain is in seconds .

Recommendation is the sun line, unlimited sharing , Two node departments need to be assessed in the upper level , If A and B Friends are V1, You are the one V2, And so on , You become V5 Node time , Can 15 Laminar water 3‰ Speed up mining . such as , you 15 The transfer is in circulation today 1 ten thousand EFT, You will receive 30 individual EFT Speed up , If the transfer flow 1000 ten thousand , Then get 3 m EFT Speed up . It's like you open an exchange , You're always taking transaction fees .

This benefit is very big , Hundreds of thousands or more a day is possible .

Affandi's awesome force , It is also shown in the small and broad , The uncapped , No burn , Never drop a grade , There's no parallel intercept .

EFT Traffic EGG Public chain mining docking pursuit of power 18820 Number 0092 The information of pass is completely open to the public , There are no loopholes , back door , No one can shut it down , The project is not shut down , run , The risk of money . All the data , Open and transparent , Cash can also be withdrawn from the chain .


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