PDN PI mode, click once every 24 hours, dig 0.18 yuan a day, two generations of computing power bonus, participate in the construction of PI netwrok

pdn pi mode click hours

New PDN,pi Pattern , There's no charge for face recognition

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One day digging 0.18 Coins


Generation plus 20%, Second generation plus 10% Calculate the force

 Calculate the force

PDN By the blockchain enthusiasts Association (BlockchainEnthusiasts Association) A cryptocurrency initiated by ,


Committed to building on PI NETWORK Diversified application scenarios .


As P The first fork of the coin , We hope that PI Based on and in PDN Driven by diversified application scenarios , Building the most inclusive digital capability factor market in the world .


Register link :http://www.pdn-network.com/register?code=ELMQOV


Download address :http://www.pdn-network.com/?download

 Calculate the force

PDN Mining is 24 One click per hour .


Every PI Miners can get 31.4 PDN Airdrop


After face recognition, you can participate in free mining

 Calculate the force

Meet the requirements that the number of class I miners is greater than or equal to 5 People can activate the safety circle, calculate the power of mining

 Calculate the force

Dawn is coming ! Start digging right away PDN, Participate in the co construction of PI NETWORK

 Calculate the force

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