Filecoin information: fil rose sharply last night due to the fire coin coinbase, two big payments in 10 minutes

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filecoin information fil rose sharply

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According to industry sources , The storage currency sector rose wildly ,Filecoin Last night, Beijing time broke through 100 The dollar soared again , Came to 134 dollar .

According to the MyToken data display , Unlike some mainstream projects ,Filecoin The main trading volume is in the fire coin FIL/USDT The deal is right , The second is coin safety FIL/USDT And Coinbase Of FIL/BTC The deal is right . among CMC data display , The authenticity of the transaction is low 、 The authenticity of coin security is average ,Coinbase High authenticity , explain Coinbase Big money buying in the United States , It plays a big role .

This round of increase is largely due to SAFT The first round of investor release is coming to an end with Coinbase Online storage currency impact .

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