Understanding the two sides of Nirvana NAC common chain

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understanding sides nirvana nac common

Since the rise of blockchain , As a new mode of economic organization , People have been exploring it . From blockchain 1.0 To 4.0 In the process of , Technology as the core of blockchain , Constantly refresh people's vision through breakthrough development . The introduction of blockchain technology has always been the focus of traditional technology developers . after NirvanaNA The in-depth investigation of the public chain shows that : At present, the public chain ecology is in urgent need of change, and most developers will choose to wait and see when facing new technologies .

With the continuous breakthrough of blockchain process , Blockchain technology has gradually become an important concern of traditional developers : As a machine language, blockchain development environment is not friendly to developers . It's a gradual shift from a crazy industry to a crazy industry , The barriers of the whole industry are gradually increasing , The existence of technical barriers has become the main reason why many technical personnel are difficult to enter the blockchain industry .


  • ecology :Nirvana NA Public chain R & D basic technology N++, Change the public chain Ecology

Nirvana NA Public chain Through the actual research found that the current market space can be expanded , We hope that more traditional technology developers can quickly enter the blockchain , And help traditional developers use their past experience to empower , Innovatively improve the existing ecology of the public chain from different angles , take NA To more traditional developers , Unite with more developers to promote the increase of practitioners of blockchain technology and the practical development of public chain ecology .

stay IT In the field of technology , Development language is the most basic core , The same is true of blockchain , Suppose the developer needs to develop a DAPP( for example Uniswap This kind of decentralized exchange ) The premise is to understand the development language , The convenience of developing language is particularly important . In fact as early as 2018 year , Many technology companies of traditional enterprises choose to enter the blockchain industry .Nirvana NA Public chain I have in-depth tracked the application of blockchain technology practitioners in the past .

Some traditional security technology companies have chosen to deploy technical personnel as the core to explore the geek world of blockchain , Traditional technology developers are in 2018 This year has led to the safety of the public chain 、 The battle for efficiency , It was once a hot spot for tech geeks , Greatly promoted the development of the public chain , But the simplicity of the development language has never been solved .

Of course , After years of public chain development , The traditional public chain has formed certain advantages and disadvantages ,NirvanaNA Public chain has developed an original N++ The innovation of basic development language has opened the public chain prologue of the new era . Different public chains have different development languages , At present, there are some problems in the public chain, such as the high threshold for developers to get started , The cost of learning , There is no good development environment for developers ; At the same time, I see that most of the traditional public chains have low performance , Transaction costs are high 、 High operating costs 、 Security, privacy, confidentiality, etc , These disadvantages appear from time to time in the traditional public chain projects .

and NirvanaNA The public chain adopts innovative technology , From infrastructure : Consensus layer 、 Node layer 、 Instance layer 、 The application layer changes the ecological environment of the public chain . at present NirvanaNA The public chain is the application-oriented main chain , Support diverse consensus mechanisms , Distributed storage , Dynamic pricing , Anti quantum computing , Cross chain operation and other innovative technologies to change the current ecology of CO filing , stay NA In the ecology of , A project can completely do domain name 、 The server 、 Intelligent contract 、 Full anonymization of tokens , It's going to be a boon for the whole industry .


  • convenient :NirvanaNA Public chain Low threshold for traditional developers 、 Simple and easy basic program

Ever since blockchain existed , With the further development of blockchain , For people who have moved from traditional technology developers to blockchain developers , It's like “ Crisscross like a mountain ” Just as far away . If blockchain projects can lower the development threshold , Everyone can use the new blockchain technology , So as to improve the whole Public chain The convenience of , And improve the friendliness of the whole development environment .

At present, many traditional developers are facing two major problems when they want to understand blockchain :

1、 The threshold is too high ;

2、 High learning cost .

The first point is that traditional developers who don't understand blockchain programming , The second problem most developers encounter is that it is too expensive to learn a new development skill ,NirvanaNA Public chain public chain can perfectly solve the above problems .

N++ Highlight one : Low entry barriers

N++ Highlight 2 : Five minutes

NirvanaNA The public chain adopts N++ Language , By NA Independent language independently developed by R & D team ,N++ Be similar to Java, and Java It's an object-oriented language , It's widely used in many big companies , And the starting point for ordinary technicians is Java , So in N++ In terms of learning , Even traditional technicians , Just master ASP/PHP/JSP etc. web End programming prophecies , You can go through N++(N Plus Plus) Five minutes for interactive system development . adopt NirvanaNA Public chain DAPP Developers who want to know web Language can use templates to develop their own set of official website 、 Smart contracts, etc ,DApp As a distributed application , Based on the underlying blockchain development platform and consensus mechanism , Link users and developers directly , Not controlled by the company or the operator .

From the above two modules , We can know :NA Public chain mining docking 13622951 It's a breakthrough , That is, the public chain is both ecological and variable , This will be an ecological subversion of the traditional public chain . Besides ,NirvanaNA The development language provided by public chain breaks through the shackles of traditional public chain . Recall the year , The upsurge of Apple's technological innovation set off by jobs has broken the previous smartphone market , Occupying a whole new world , Bringing innovation to the next generation of smartphones . therefore , In the foreseeable future , Can provide great convenience for developers N ++, Will push the public chain to an epoch-making process . Looking at the present and the future ,N ++ Have broad market imagination , And there are expected to be millions of Web Developers will participate in the development of public chain ecosystem .

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