Sumswap changes the pattern of DEX circuit by winning skillfully

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sumswap changes pattern dex circuit


since 2020 The upsurge of liquidity mining began in the second half of the year ,DeFi The infrastructure construction and asset user flow of all sectors of the market have reached a new height in history , To loan 、 Stable currency 、Swap、NFT、DEX、 browser 、 wallet 、 The ecology of derivatives and other fields is booming , among DEX The market shows excellent development potential .

By the end of 3 month ,DEX The total lock up in the market has reached 194.8 Billion dollars , The super 70% The amount of lock up is concentrated in the near 3 months , although DEX The market is still in the ascendant Uniswap and Sushiswap For the oligarchic market , The two divide up more than 68% Market share , But there are also rising stars in the fast changing track .

In recent days, , of SumSwap Project information began to appear in major platforms and communities , And quickly became the focus of the market , A sharp sword burst into DEX Track , The sword points straight at Uni And Sushi.

Standing on the shoulders of giants SumSwap

SumSwap There is a decentralized platform built by a British blockchain company , Its development team has not only been deeply engaged in the field of blockchain for many years , Also has the extremely high attainments in Mathematics . Italian philosopher and astronomer Galileo said :“ Mathematics is the word God uses to write the universe ”. For a blockchain where code is the law , Mathematics is absolutely dominant ,SumSwap It is standing on the shoulders of the giant of Mathematics .SumSwap The team thinks ,DeFi The bottleneck of ecological development is still at the level of mathematical model .

at present , Order book mode and AMM The automatic market maker model is DEX The most common trading mechanism in the market . In the order book , Users can only passively accept the price given by the algorithm , It's impossible to hang limit orders like a centralized exchange , Not only is trading inefficient , Liquidity is also poor , At the same time, the order book mode has high requirements for the platform user volume and transaction depth . Conventional AMM Although it has solved the risk of insufficient liquidity to a certain extent , But it also brings losses 、 Sliding point and so on , As a result, the interests of traders and liquidity providers may be lost , And then affect the enthusiasm of users to inject liquidity .


therefore SumSwap stay AMM We have made innovation and improvement on the basis of mechanism , Constant product trading and AMM Liquidity, market making and mining .

SumSwap The pricing model and Uniswap The model of is similar , The core idea is a constant product formula X*Y=k . among x and y Each represents the number of two types of assets in the flow pool ,k It's the product of the number of two assets . Suppose the product k It's a fixed constant , When users use x Assets are exchanged from the flow pool y When assets , In the flow pool x The number of assets will increase ,y The number of assets will decrease . because k Is constant , So when x When it grows , Need to put y Subtraction keeps the equation constant . In this way , The more money is injected into the flow pool , The more money you can get out of the pool , But the money that can be withdrawn will only keep approaching the number of tokens available in the pool , You can't buy out the tokens in the mobile pool at one time , To provide unlimited liquidity .

But the premise of all this is that there are liquidity providers , The real users , So SumSwap stay AMM Mining mechanism is introduced in the mining scheme . To increase the constant product x and y The number of , The user can inject the same proportion into the flow pool x Coin and y Currency increases the liquidity of the whole system , At the same time, we get the bonus of transaction fee and platform currency mining reward ,SumSwap The transaction charges 3‰ Service Charge ,2‰ To liquidity providers ,1% Collect by yourself , be used for SUM Buy back and platform operation, etc . Encourage users to participate in the contribution of liquidity through positive incentive , Provide a solid foundation for the long-term development of ecology .

For investors , Interest is one of the most fundamental goals of participating in project ecology ,AMM Liquidity mining can increase the token income of users , But if the token itself has no room for appreciation , Even the currency has fallen again and again , In the end, the project will be ignored .SumSwap The team fully understood this , And the solution , It's also an innovation and improvement of the mathematical model .

Base index issuance model + Money holding 、 Ecological double Staking Pattern

SUM yes SumSwap Platform pass of , It is the value carrier carrying the whole project , In order to better empower its value ,SumSwap No tokens were issued in the same amount as most projects , Instead, it uses the base index issue model .SUM A total of 3.2 Million pieces , Pre excavation 3200 Ten thousand mother coins , The remaining 2.88 There are five stages , More than ten years in total .

The number of original benchmarks added per month in the first issue phase is 6%, Calculate the monthly distribution The formula of row quantity is Y( Monthly circulation ),X( monthly ).


Among them, the daily output of Tongzheng is 40% For holding money Staking,40% For Ecology Staking,20% be used for AMM Liquidity mining . Money holding Staking seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , hold SUM You can get the corresponding benefits , But such a simple model will lead to the gradual flow of assets to the whale players , The benefits of ordinary participants are not optimistic , It leads to the development of ecology to the abnormal centralization . therefore SUM I'm holding money Staking The benefits are not calculated according to the weighted average of users' currency holdings , Instead, we use the jump ranking weighting algorithm .

In this algorithm model , There is one. “ The best yield range ”, Less and more users , The revenue is less than that of the users in the middle area , Let each user hold SUM The amount is more even , Avoid being monopolized by oligarchs .


except AMM Liquidity mining and holding Staking,SUM The ecology of Staking Equally rich , It's not just about... Of the daily output 40%, And it has little to do with the amount of money held by sharers , The more people share , And the more you get , Not only has it broadened the scope for new members to join SUM Ecological channels , It also laid a good community foundation for the development of the project .


SumSwap It can attract large-scale attention in the market , In addition to excellent ecological model design and innovative architecture system , What's more, it's an early project coming online . According to official information ,SumSwap Will be in 3 month 29 Day of launch , This is the best time for early engagement .


As DEX The two giants of the track ,Sushiswap On 2020 year 8 I went online this month with my own token , Despite all the twists and turns , Its price has changed from the original 1.357 dollar , Up to the top 24.92 dollar , Same year 9 Monthly issue Uni, Also from the beginning 1 The dollar is at its highest in the near future 35 dollar , A full turn 35 times . As prices go up , Early participants have already made a lot of money , And the subsequent admission costs are getting higher and higher , Because of this , Becoming an early investor of potential projects is the most real wealth code .


at present ,SumSwap The pre-sale of nodes and membership rights has been started ,SumSwap To set up 400 A node quota , If you succeed in becoming a node, you can get 2 over SUM And enjoy the relevant rights and interests of the node . The largest number of members is open 3000 Places , Each member can get at least 0.75USDT/SUM, And enjoy the rights and interests of members .


DeFi We can see for all how crazy the tide is ,Uni and SuShi The myth of wealth created is really enviable , But fortunately, there are still many opportunities in the market , Can you hold on to , It depends on your choice .


In order to better reflect the principle of decentralization , Let more people enjoy DeFi The dividend of development ,SumSwap Designed decentralized node pre-sale and member pre-sale , Successful participation in node pre-sale and member pre-sale can not only enjoy relevant rights and interests , And the earliest 、 The best way to get SUM Pass card , The node will be pre sold in 3 month 29 Day opening , Quota co., LTD. , First come first served basis .


SumSwap The decentralisation agreement will be implemented in 3 month 29 Japan (UTC+8) Shock online , Catch the early dividend and get the lowest price SUM, It will be a smart contract protocol built with the power of mathematics 、 a DeFi Field from 0 To ∞ The integral integration application of will meet with global blockchain believers ! Redefinition DeFi The Tong Zheng model  , Subvert your perception ,3 month 29 Japan , Witness mathematics and DeFi Perfect fusion .


Decentralized financial integrators on the shoulders of giants 、 a DeFi Domain integration applications will meet with global blockchain believers ! Redefinition DeFi The Tong Zheng model 、SumSwap More on Vivian 1365 Number 0593 Subvert your perception , Witness mathematics and DeFi Perfect fusion .


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