What if the network platform does not withdraw cash?

network platform withdraw cash

At present, the platform has the following modes .

First of all , You can withdraw money if you win , This kind of pattern will let the new person win the money to taste the sweetness generally , Let the new addict adjust the parameters to control the difficulty , Take a long line to catch big fish , The makers who do this are smart , Their principle is to let you become their money collecting tool for a long time to come .

second , No cash withdrawal after winning , Their principle is that they just can't get in and out , Freeze your account , Deceive you to continue to recharge for various reasons , This is the most hateful , The gambler's profit was hacked after hard work , The principal is gone forever .

Third , If you win less, you can withdraw money , A little bit more immediately , Frozen account , This model is in the middle of one or two .

What should we do when we come across these .

Collection and classification method : By means of possession and distribution , Break your score into parts . It's about transferring points from one game to another ...

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