Analysis of the construction scheme of fully automatic quantitative robot in exchange

analysis construction scheme fully automatic

Quantitative automatic robot is a full-automatic intelligent quantitative robot , At the same time, it also cooperates with well-known exchanges at home and abroad ZB, Fire money , Currency security ,okex,gate And so on , Compatible with major mainstream platforms

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Strive for simultaneous operation of all currencies , Automatic trading , Without human intervention , You can make money automatically , Core intelligent quantization technology + The core algorithm , Cloud big data calculates the interval point of replenishment , Track the profits + Tracking Jiancang , Automatic waterfall and other innovative functions ,0.05 One order per second

The strategy tries to predict the future trend by analyzing the growth level of the assets under consideration in the past . He believes that there is usually a trend in prices , The products with the fastest price increase usually have more advantages than similar products

What's the use of quantifying robots ? 
1. Taoli  
The biggest advantage of quantitative trading is that it reduces the impact of investor sentiment fluctuations , Avoid making irrational investment decisions when the market is extremely fanatical or pessimistic . So quantitative investment with the help of modern statistics and mathematical methods , An objective reference index has been formulated , Buy or sell without emotion when the conditions are met , A high probability of getting more than the average return . 
2. Market making  
In popular terms, it means stimulating trading . 
Because sometimes the trading volume of some small currencies is too small , Or it happens to be a bear market, and people don't want to trade , At this time, the market will be very cold , The colder and colder, the less trading , Form a vicious circle . With market making robots , The robot can act as the corresponding buyer or seller , Trade in the market, revitalize the trading volume . If there's no deal in the market , Not good for investors or exchanges , From this point of view , Market making robot has its value of existence . 

Use quantitative model to verify and solidify these laws and strategies , Then strictly implement the established strategy to guide the investment , In order to obtain sustainable 、 Stable and above average returns .
The market divides quantitative trading into the following categories : Systematic trading 、 Algorithmic Trading 、 Procedural trading and mechanical trading, etc , The first three models are common in the market . 
1. Systematic trading refers to investors quantifying trading ideas into trading systems , Trading according to system indicators ; 
2 . Algorithmic trading uses electronic platforms , Enter the trading instructions for the algorithm , Execute a pre-set trading strategy , Include variables in instructions , Including time 、 Price 、 Trading volume, etc , Widely used in block trading  
3. Procedural trading is to transform investors' complicated trading ideas into an intelligent trading system that can be operated easily , For investors to strictly enforce .

Quantitative trading has strict discipline , This can overcome the weakness of human nature , Like greed 、 Fear 、 Fluke mind , It can also overcome cognitive bias . Quantitative trading is just looking for valuation depression , Through comprehensive 、 Systematic scanning captures mispricing 、 The opportunity of miscalculation .

The systematic characteristics of quantitative investment include multi-level quantitative model 、 Multi angle observation and massive data observation, etc . The multi-level model includes the asset allocation model 、 Industry selection model 、 Select stock models, etc . Multi angle observation mainly includes macro cycle 、 Market structure 、 The valuation 、 grow up 、 Profit quality 、 Market sentiment and other perspectives .

This paper is written by mkz888z Organize and publish

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