Filecoin information: distributed capital has completed the fundraising of filecoin special fund

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filecoin information distributed capital completed

StarCraft community 3.26 -

According to the relevant news , Distributed capital announced the completion of Filecoin Special fund raising , The fund is over raised as a whole , The final management scale is 30 ten thousand FIL( According to the current market price 2300 Ten thousand dollars ). The investment scope of the fund will cover all aspects of IPFS/Filecoin Projects related to Ecology ( But it doesn't include FIL Mining service company ).

  1. involve IPFS/Filecoin Distributed storage products ;
  2. Use IPFS/Filecoin As a storage solution Dapp;
  3. And Filecoin dependent Defi project ;
  4. Deployed in Filecoin Projects on the chain , Such as layer2、tooling And the future Dapp etc. .

Since the beginning of this year , Distributed capital has been connected with Filecoin Slingshot、Tachyon、Longhash Accelerator, etc , Access to the world's emerging Filecoin Ecological innovation projects . The mission of the fund is to promote IPFS/Filecoin Ecological health and orderly development .

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