Jiushi capital announced its entry into filecoin, leaving few opportunities for individuals

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jiushi capital announced entry filecoin

According to the official news of Jushi capital :3 month 23 Nikushi capital announced its official launch BTC、ETH、FIL、DeFi Special funds for digital assets . The fund will be used to lay out bitcoin around the world 、 Ethereum ecology 、 Distributed storage and decentralization , Mining high quality digital economy projects , And provide follow-up investment 、 In depth supporting services such as incubation and subsequent industrial layout .V|IPFS_KF818

According to the description of Jushi capital , The establishment of the special fund aims to invest in a number of high-value blockchain projects , Expand its visibility in traditional finance , From digital money to traditional finance . Realize the coordinated development of new and old fields 、 To promote together . Complete the diversified layout of the whole financial market .

Jiushi investment club is a mainstream investment organization composed of high-end blockchain industry elites and institutions , It aims to unite high-end people of blockchain and resources of traditional financial industry , Uphold “ Technology changes digital Finance ” Idea , service trade 、 Supporting projects , Grasp the development dividend of digital assets with members of Jiushi Club .

Since its establishment a few days ago FIL Trust begins , It means that capital is officially entering the market Filecoin Track . Especially the entry of this kind of head mechanism , It has a strong driving and exemplary role , Attract more small and medium-sized institutions to enter the market . Not long after gray announced its entry, Jushi capital announced its entry .

At home , After we announced our approach , Before the deployment of the ninth city of NASDAQ listed companies 1000 Thousands of dollars in Filecoin colony , And then there was A The layout of Xinyuan Technology 5.8 Million dollars into Filecoin. With the march of big capital Filecoin market , about Filecoin The competition for the market will be more intense . After all Filecoin Our market is smaller than bitcoin , Nowadays, more and more people share the cake in the market , single T The output naturally decreases . If an individual wants to enter Filecoin market , The next one or two years will be a golden age .

Although the entry of major capital is not very good news for individual investors , But for the Filecoin For the project itself , But it's very good news , about Filecoin It has a great role in promoting the development of , For it Filecoin The ecological incubation has a good promoting effect , Can speed up Filecoin The evolution of ecology .

Judging from the time when investors enter the market , Before the main network goes online, it belongs to early investors ; And behind the main online line are recent investors , At this time, the development trend of the main network has a certain trend , It's less risky than early investors . With the near future FIL Rising prices and the entry of major capital institutions make Filecoin The risk is further reduced , But for revenue, it's decreasing . Today, Filecoin It is no longer in the stage of theory and concept , It is in the stage of intensive ecological landing , The grand blueprint of the future is unfolding before us .

Now, the entry of capital institutions is accelerating with the entry of gray scale , The arrival of Jiushi is a clear signal , It means that the channel for individual investors is getting narrower and narrower . But the future , Who can get more FIL, Who can achieve more wealth appreciation .


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