Filecoin online is about to usher in half a year, the dividend period is fading

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filecoin online usher half year

Filecoin The goal is to create an interconnected 、 Unified standard distributed storage market . The network allows users to freely choose service providers , Make the transaction transparent , And through the algorithm ( Smart contracts ) Guarantee the implementation of the transaction . All service providers can work in Filecoin Network through the unified protocol to achieve two-way connection , Free flow of data , Break the island of network information .V|IPFS_KF818

Filecoin To encourage long-term storage support rather than simply sealing for block rewards .Filecoin The network scale is small due to the mechanism of the network ,FIL The acquisition of is delayed , And the reward scale increases with the increase of network scale , Especially after the main network goes online 1—2 Within the year .

When the data mobility of a platform increases , Data security and privacy will be particularly important . In the previous centralized data storage mode , Users can only trust the storage service provider passively . In this mode , We can often hear news about user information leakage .

stay Filecoin Of Web3.0 In the network , User data is encrypted and stored , Because of the participation of blockchain Technology , User data is encrypted on the client side , Password storage and sharing can also be realized through blockchain technology . some time , The combination of information and value will bring subversion to the network , Decentralization and application will also bring about .

Filecoin After the main network goes online, the network storage capacity is growing rapidly , Network based storage volume , At present, all kinds of creative applications are developing smoothly and orderly 、 Application and landing . With the implementation of these applications, it will also bring a lot of effective data . These valid data can create real data storage requirements , It's not just a digital money mining project , It's a landing storage platform . This storage requirement based on application can make Filecoin Has unlimited development prospects .

Filecoin Our money supply is divided into simple supply and baseline supply , The sum of the two represents the total output of the miners , This is it. Filecoin Unique mixed coinage mechanism , Only when the computing power of the whole network reaches the value set by the network can the baseline supply be triggered .

therefore , When Filecoin When the Internet becomes more powerful , Miners will also be rewarded more , At this point, the increased return includes that the network reaches the normal set baseline , Thus releasing the previously delayed release part . But one thing to note is , With participation Filecoin There are more and more miners on the Internet ,Filecoin The block rewards are gradually declining , Until back to the original set 6 Half yearly FIL In the half-life of output .

For those who have long focused on digital money , One thing we all know is that participating in the mining of digital currency is far more stable than buying money in the secondary market . Because of the long period of mining , So the short-term price fluctuation will not affect the income of mining . The only thing to note is , When you decide to get involved in mining , Is doomed to be unable to profit in the short term , We need to make a long-term goal plan . This rule applies to the long-term development of a project .

Today, Filecoin It can be said that it meets the expectation of long-term development , Because after all Filecoin The main network has been online for less than half a year , The main body driving the growth of network effective data —— Applications , It's steadily incubating and developing , The short-term price fluctuation is only driven by the attribute of digital currency , The longer-term value is not fully revealed . But it's also relatively good news , Precisely because Filecoin In the early stages of development , So early dividends haven't been fully released , At this time, you can also get the dividend of development .

If you really wait FIL The price goes up to the stage of Ethereum and bitcoin , By then, the threshold will be greatly raised , It's hard to get in as an individual .

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