IDC predicts that the growth rate of China's blockchain market will rank first in the world

idc predicts growth rate china

2021 year , International data corporation IDC On 3 month 24 Date issued 《2021 year V1 Global blockchain spending guide 》, According to the IDC forecast ,2024 Blockchain will reach the global market in 2015 189.5 Billion dollars , Within the five-year forecast period (2020-2024) Realize about 48.0% The compound growth rate of . The scale of China's blockchain market has a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) Will achieve 54.6%, increase Speed position Number one in the world .

from 2019 From the year onwards , Blockchain is defined as an important breakthrough for independent innovation of core technology , 2020 In, the national development and Reform Commission brought the blockchain into the scope of new infrastructure construction . A series of policies have provided positive guidance signals for the development of blockchain market .

according to “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” The outline of our plan , Blockchain as “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Plan one of the seven key industries of digital economy , Will push 2025 The added value of core industries in digital economy accounted for GDP Share to 10%.

Due to China's outstanding performance in epidemic prevention and policy blessing ,IDC forecast , The scale of China's blockchain market will be 2021 Year breakthrough 5 Billion dollars , And hopefully 2024 Year breakthrough 25 Billion dollars , Compared with the previous period, the five-year forecast is up overall 5%-10% about , Basically recovered to the pre epidemic level .

meanwhile ,IDC Data forecast of , The scale of China's blockchain market has a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) Will achieve 54.6%, The growth rate ranks first in the world .

In terms of Technology ,IDC Divide blockchain spending into hardware 、 Three layers of software and services . According to its data , Services and software spending will continue to play a leading role in China's blockchain market , In the next five years, the proportion of software and hardware market in China will increase .

In key industries ,IDC We are concerned that the market of health care industry has a bright future , Forecast its five years CAGR Will be close to 80%, second , And the average annual expenditure scale in the five-year forecast period is higher than that in the previous period 30% above .

2020 year , The National Health Commission has put the standardization of emerging technology application on the agenda , Blockchain applications in medical institutions will become the focus of future development . Blockchain technology in identity authentication 、 Electronic medical record 、 Prescription circulation and other scenes obtain Preliminary application , Data in medical institutions Interconnection 、 Medical insurance 、 The practice of gene sequencing and so on will accelerate the growth .

On the basis of industry dimension ,IDC forecast , Blockchain technology will be widely used in such fields as trade finance 、 Identity management and product traceability . In terms of trade finance , The overall expenditure scale of Chinese market is expected to be in 2024 Year breakthrough 3 Billion dollars .

IDC give an example , In the context of normalization of epidemic prevention , How to guarantee the vaccine 、 The safety of cold chain food is becoming more and more important . Using blockchain technology to analyze the source of product production 、 transport 、 Track the whole link of distribution , And on the chain can not be tampered with records , Has become a hot solution . Blockchain technology has great potential to be tapped in the actual landing process .

IDC Hong wanting, senior analyst of China's emerging technology research department, said , “ At present, the underlying architecture of blockchain is in full bloom , Manufacturers try to explore in many scenarios . In the future, the market will gradually move towards integration , Cross link 、 government 、 Generalization 、 Alliance will be the key word of development , At the same time, typical application scenarios will be highlighted . And in the long run , The value of blockchain technology will not only be reflected in the cost reduction and efficiency increase of business , More will play a role in the new trust business model , The blockchain market is expected to develop in the long run , And even boom ”.

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