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Blockchain 2018 This is what the white paper defines :1、 The broad definition is that blockchain stores data in block structure 、 Multi party maintenance 、 Using cryptography technology to ensure the transmission and access of data storage technology system , Represents the current hot bitcoin 、 A decentralized recording technology behind Ethereum ;2、 In a narrow sense, when we talk about blockchain with specific products , It refers to the chain data storage mode connected by blockchain .
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Introduction to the core technology of blockchain ( As the core technology of blockchain involves a large number of technical terms , The following is a brief description of )
(1) Distributed sharing technology :
Distributed sharing technology is the core technology of blockchain , It means that all information data are collectively recorded by all nodes and stored in all nodes , Distributed records and distributed storage , There is no third party intermediary in the whole system .
(2) The hash algorithm :
Hash algorithm in blockchain technology has two characteristics: fixed length and irreversibility . Fixed length refers to the hash algorithm , Enter data of any length , Output fixed length data , The same data output is the same , Different data output results are different . Irreversibility means that the forward calculation of the algorithm is very easy , But reverse calculation is extremely difficult , At present, it is considered impossible .
(3) Time stamp :
“ Time stamp ” It is generated with the information data recorded in the block , Indicate the specific time of data writing , The blocks in a chain are connected in chronological order , Have no tampering with , Traceable features , Solve the problem of information security and data tracking .
(4) Asymmetric encryption :
Asymmetric encryption technology needs public key and private key to realize the encryption and decryption process of information data , Because two different keys are needed in the process of encryption and decryption, it is called asymmetric encryption . If the public key is used for data encryption , Then only the corresponding private key can be used to decrypt ; If the private key is used for data encryption , Then only the corresponding public key can be used to decrypt .
(5) Consensus mechanism :
Consensus mechanism means that all nodes in the blockchain jointly identify the information data generated and updated in the block , Without a third party intermediary , Fully guarantee that the data information is true, reliable and safe .
(6) Intelligent contract :
The smart contract of blockchain is a kind of contract with pre-set trigger conditions , When the condition is triggered , The contract will be executed automatically , It ensures the effectiveness and reliability of the transaction without the supervision and guarantee of a third party .
Blockchain technology has developed so far , It has been widely used in many industries and fields , To a certain extent, it has eliminated the disadvantages of many traditional models . In addition to the above areas of this article , The impact of blockchain on smart city 、 Internet commonweal 、 Logistics services and other fields have also had a great impact . We can expect that when blockchain technology is further improved , More convenient 、 intelligence 、 The era of perfection is coming .

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