Uniswap exchange development program, decentralized exchange

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uniswap exchange development program decentralized

Uniswap Exchange system

Uniswap It was founded on 2018 The end of the year's Ethereum based decentralized underlying transaction protocol , Its founder is Hayden Adams, He It's a decentralized protocol based on Ethereum , To promote ETH And ERC20 Exchange between tokens .

In a decentralized exchange , By means of Uniswap Add the user address to the exchange menu of , It's easy to encrypt any data / Transfer the product to the platform ,uniswap Decentralized exchange system , 153 Wei o56o T 1oo3.

Uniswap The function of the exchange

We can use multi chain wallets TokenPocket To link Uniswap Carry out currency trading . It can also be in Uniswap Transfer and “ exchange + Transfer accounts ” function . For example, we should put LRC Exchange for KNC, And transfer it to another ETH In the address , You can use this function , It's more convenient .

besides , stay Uniswap in , You can also join Uniswap Our pool of funds , By providing Uniswap Provide liquidity and benefit at the same time .

All in all , adopt Uniswap Trading between digital assets on Ethereum , It's very convenient , No need to register , It doesn't have to be hosted on an exchange , Connect to through your wallet Uniswap You can trade , Upon completion of the transaction , The corresponding digital assets will also be automatically transferred to the user's ETH In the wallet , And you can choose to transfer to other addresses when you exchange .

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