Return to the malicious smearer

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return malicious smearer

When no one blackens me, I think my character and sincerity can influence malice , I didn't expect that someone was still hacking . Blogger You don't have a good attitude , You shouldn't insult others to promote your wallet software , How can your attitude make people feel free to use your wallet ?

If you don't understand, you can ask others first , Don't mislead new people , The purpose of shouting like you have found a new world is to attract attention and promote your wallet software ? You have the need to promote your software, which is not wrong , But you really shouldn't smear other people's promotion ? Old miners know 4%-5% The difference is determined by the pool rate + The author fakes ( Probably ) + The author of the kernel + Mining AIDS steal power ( Probably ) + Network delay ( Less than 2%) Or calculation error, refuse ( About equal to 0, Or think of it as 0) form , How did it become a mining aid software 5% 了 ?

in addition , All the wallet addresses listed above are foreigners' addresses , The money goes into foreigners' pockets every day , Foreigners who make money from us don't pay taxes, so they are not protected by our laws , We intercept foreigners' pumping, which is reasonable, legal and compliant , Maybe you don't agree with me , But I don't think the money should go to the outside market for nothing , We miners are working hard to mine , From R & D to the whole industry 、 Design 、 production , To sales 、 logistics 、 Electricity generation 、 Build mine 、 Operation and maintenance of the mine , And then to the second-hand market , The basic necessities of life of everyone involved 、 Every video card 、 Every electricity charge has to be taxed , Why foreigners don't pay taxes ?

You may also do technology , After all, you're promoting your wallet Software , I personally think that people who do technology honestly should be respected , There must be no question of character , Who dares to use your wallet if there's something wrong with your character ?

Open source miners never talk casually , I hope you don't smear me . The open source miner software's about page has been posted since it was launched Conspicuous information , I've never been secretive , What I post out is casual ? Open source miners themselves don't have any malicious code , And open source miners 100% No line of open source code is not open source , And the open source miner runtime does not automatically download any executable code , The reason for this design is to prevent being maliciously discredited , Open source miners do not accept any malicious smear .