Heco token DIY - Fire coin eco chain one key coin issue

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HECO-TokenDIY It's a fire coin HECO Self service coin issuing online service , You can issue fire coin with one click HRC20 Tokens, . Just enter a few simple release parameters , Connect your MetaMask wallet , You can have your own... In a few minutes HRC-20 It's a token !

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Fire coin ecological chain (HECO:Huobi ECO Chain) It's an important Ethereum fork chain , use HPoS Consensus substitution PoW Consensus , It also aims at low handling charges 、 High throughput and open ecological construction , Worth DEFI Developers follow and follow .

Old fashioned DEFI One click coin issuing tool TokenDIY It also launched the one button coin issuing tool of fire coin ecological chain HECO-TokenDIY,HECO The version still keeps the operation simple , Just three steps can be done in HECO Distribution on the chain HRC20 It's a token :

  • Fill in the release parameters
  • Connect MetaMask wallet
  • Submit a token issue transaction

however , because MetaMask The wallet is connected to the Ethereum blockchain by default , therefore , To use HECO-TokenDIY Before , You have to set it MetaMask Access to the fire coin ecological chain .

1、 Set up MetaMask Access HECO The main chain

First click on MetaMask The network selection drop-down box at the top of the interface :

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Then click Select in the pop-up menu 【Custom RPC】:

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At this time, the user-defined network setting interface will appear , Fill in the information about the fire coin ecological chain as follows :

The completed setting interface is shown in the figure below :

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2、 Fill in HRC20 Release parameters

The development of fire coin ecological chain HRC20 There are four token parameters :

  • Token name : The token name can be longer than the token symbol , So it helps to provide more information , For example, the items of the token and so on .
  • Token symbol : Token symbols are used in wallets or block browsers . Suppose your token is HAP, So in your wallet or browser, maybe your balance looks like :1000000 HAP.
  • Decimal digit : The number of decimal places determines the smallest divisible unit of the token to be issued . For example, set the number of decimal places to 18, that 1 A token can be split into 1000000000000000000 Share , That means you can pass it on to someone else 0.000000000000000001 Tokens , It's like you can transfer it to someone else 0.001 individual HT equally . Unless there is a special need for , Usually you can set the number of decimal places to 18.
  • Total circulation : The total number of tokens to be issued .

for example , The figure below is the filled parameter interface , issue 1000000 individual HAPPY TOKEN, Token symbol HAP, Set the number of decimal places 18:

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After entering the release parameters ,【 Issue tokens 】 The button turns green , Indicates that the next operation can be carried out : Connect wallet .

3、 Connect MetaMask wallet

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Click on 【 Connect wallet 】 Button , Connect MetaMask Behind the wallet , You can see your wallet account number :

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The payment account number is used to pay the token issuance service fee , The account number of the token owner will hold all the tokens issued this time , Usually this account number and payment account number are yours Metamask Wallet account number .

Click on 【 next step 】 Will prompt you to confirm HRC20 Token issue parameters backward HECO Online submission of token issuance transactions .

4、 confirm HRC20 Parameters , Submit the offering

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After confirming that the release parameters are correct , I can click 【 confirm 】 Button submit issue transaction :

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You can see TokenDIY Remind you that in MetaMask Confirm the transaction in . After confirmation, the above waiting screen becomes a successful release message :

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Okay , When the deal is confirmed , You have it 1000000 Own HAPPY Tokens, , You can play your role freely in the fire coin ecological chain DEFI The imagination has gone !

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