On March 3, the forced upgrade of filecoin will greatly reduce the gas cost of packaging, and the packaging speed will also be improved, with a bright future

march forced upgrade filecoin greatly

According to the official news , Distributed storage networks Filecoin client Lotus The team announced the next mandatory upgrade LotusV1.5.0 The specific implementation schedule of , Plans to 3 month 3 Japan (epoch by 550321 when ) Upgrade the network to V1.5.0, Currently, candidate versions have been released LotusV1.5.0-rc1 and V1.5.0-rc2.

LotusV1.5 Contains two FIP The proposal , Respectively FIP-0007 and FIP-0010, among ,FIP-0007 Can be improved in terms of performance and security Filecoin Performance of ,FIP-0010 Can reduce Submitted Windowed Post News gas Consumption . This upgrade is mandatory , each Filecoin Nodes have to upgrade their clients .

One 、Filecoin 1.5.0 Reasons for version delay

1、Calibration I failed in the last test

Before each main network update , They'll be there first Calibration Test online to test , Only after passing the test , The main network will be upgraded . therefore ,Filecoin 1.5.0 The main reason for the delay is , Is in the Calibration Failed the test online .

2、 Chinese node operators propose to celebrate the Spring Festival

Chinese node operators need to celebrate the Spring Festival , So officials decided to Filecoin 1.5.0 Version update , Avoid the Spring Festival . because , Most of the nodes are distributed in China , The lunar New Year holiday , It's not conducive to concentrating people to upgrade the network .

Two 、Filecoin 1.5.0 Version contains content

1、WindowPoSt On the chain does not verify

In the spot check every half an hour , When the generated proof is submitted to the chain , Allow all nodes to receive certificates , Don't verify it , Instead, it acquiesces in its adoption , Direct acceptance on the chain .

in other words , Whatever happens every half hour , Whether it's useful or not , There's no checking on the chain , It's direct acceptance . But in WindowPoSt Prove that after a period of time on the chain , It allows anyone to question its operation , If it is found that the proof of the link cannot pass the verification , The successful person who initiates the query can get the corresponding reward .

Benefits :WindowPoSt The uplink is no longer verified , Will greatly reduce WindowPoSt Upper gas cost . because , Upper chain Gas Consumption consists of two parts :

(1) The more time it takes to verify a message , need Gas The more you spend .

(2) When this message is chained , Consumed storage space , The more you consume Gas The more you spend .

therefore , When the message on the chain is no longer verified ,Gas The first part of consumption is gone ,Gas The cost will be greatly reduced .

2、 Anyone can challenge the operation

Time and reward can be questioned :

The official setting is WindowPoSt After the message is chained , In another 1800epochs after , namely 1800 After a height , amount to 15 After one hour , Anyone can initiate Dispute, That is to question WindowPoSt news . If you question success , That is, the message on the chain cannot pass the verification , The official will release 4FIL To the doubter .

Punishment measures :

First of all , After questioning success , And WindowPoSt All corresponding sectors enter Fault The state of , That is, the corresponding calculation force will be cleared in a short time , The calculation power has been deducted .

second , And you have to fine the nodes , The amount of the fine is WindowPoSt All sectors corresponding to , According to the daily block income of each sector 5.51 Times FIL, One time deduction .

Third , To prevent nodes from cheating , The government also designed 20FIL The fixed punishment of . Why should we add this punishment ? In order to get 4FIL Question the reward , Deliberately submit a wrong sector with very low profit , Even if it's a fine 5.51 times , Less than 4FIL Reward .

so , There's a lot of punishment , The design is also bold , because , All messages on the general blockchain , We need to reach an agreement through the verification of each node , It will consume a lot of Gas.

3、 ... and 、 summary

FIP-0010 The message verification is transferred from the up chain to the down chain , No verification on the chain , Allow everyone in the chain to question . This is unprecedented innovation .

First of all , The design is feasible , But it's hard to implement . It could be Calibration The main reason why the first hard bifurcation test failed . Because its boundary conditions are difficult to consider , It's easy to have loopholes , And it's a new creation , You can't copy homework , So it's very difficult to implement .

second , The official purpose of this design is to reduce Gas. Because now Filecoin Of Gas It's too expensive , drop Gas It's really imperative . if WindosPoSt It can be used , When it comes to packaging precommit and provecommit Two pieces of news , Can I use ? If provecommit Messages submitted on are not verified , A lot more will be saved Gas.

But use this in WindosPoSt The mechanism on , There are still some difficulties in packaging .

because , Message chaining is not easy to implement , But the reward and punishment in the process of questioning are difficult to control . about WindosPoSt It's easier to punish , The pledge token and calculation force of the node can be directly deducted . But for the precommit and provecommit The punishment , If it's a new node , Only a small number of pledge warrants are punishable , Not enough collateral passes to be punished .

But on the whole , This series of designs is feasible , It's worth looking forward to , But also see the official efforts to try all kinds of methods , Reduce Gas cost , It's just from design to perfection , To the successful application online , It takes time . It could be a quarter , Or half a year , Hope to see Filecoin Greatly reduce the cost of packaging Gas Fei Fei , Packaging speed will also be improved . The future is bright , Let's look forward to it together !

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