BDE cross chain will meet the value explosion period!

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bde cross chain meet value

Blockchain and digital field are in a new market . With the popularization of Technology , All walks of life realize digital transformation through the integration of blockchain , Diversified ecological clusters on the rich chain are growing like a blowout , Blockchain cross chain track is facing unprecedented attention . As the black horse of the cross track ,BDE Cross chain project recently launched 3 Big plan , Or it will push the ecological value into a new round of explosive growth .

BPOS Mapping plan (3 End of month )

This time BPOS The mapping will be 3 Officially launched at the end of the month .

Analysis from the technical level ,BPOS Mapping will provide the key technical parameters and data needed for next year's main chain launch , Lay a solid technical foundation .

From the specific mechanism analysis , This time BPOS The mapping will be a cross chain token BDE Value provides room for further growth , To existing BDE Cross chain ecological community brings great benefits . First BPOS In the proceeds of the pledge of the number of mapping votes 95% In a locked position , Only 5% It can flow in the market . This kind of mapping lock mechanism will make cross chain BDE More scarce in the market , And the mapping itself occupies BDE Every year, 3%—5% The share of the release . When the market scarcity of cross chain pass continues to rise , And the existing ecosystem in the hands of cross chain pass card BDE Value will usher in a new wave of rapid rise .

Of course , Cross chain pass BDE It's not just... That provides market scarcity BPOS mapping , And coming online soon CBS Distributed community traffic business system APP. With low threshold innovative traffic applications CBS, existing BDE Cross chain ecological community , It can be used to produce fission and BPOS The fission of pledge amount , And these specific elements will promote cross chain communication BDE Our value has entered a period of rapid promotion .

BDE Cross chain cooperation program (4 month )

BDE The cross chain project will be launched in 4 month , start-up BDE Cross chain cooperation plan .

This project aims to introduce other mature blockchain projects into BDE Cross chain ecology , adopt BPOS Pledge for ecological user drainage and cross chain system construction and improvement . Up to now ,BDE Cross chain has been successfully connected with a number of mature blockchain projects in Southeast Asia , And negotiate the final cooperation intention with ecological operators . When both parties reach the final intention , New currency BPOS Heterogeneous token pledge will go online , This also makes the cross chain pass BDE It's even rarer to be in circulation . Shenyang specialized examination of vulva leukoplakia Hospital :

Rare things are precious , Cross chain pass BDE Scarcity in the market , It will make its value appreciate continuously and form chain effect . With BDE The rise in the value of the market will also attract the attention of the market , Attract more new traffic to join BPOS Pledge mining , Gradually form a good ecological cycle .

BDE The international strategic plan (2021 During the year )

The arrival of blockchain outbreak , prompt BDE The cross chain characteristics of the company have been brought into full play . A large number of well-known mature blockchain projects are seeking cross chain cooperation , Strive to break the island barrier .BDE Cross chain projects will seize this opportunity , With the world's mainstream cross chain projects Cosmos cooperation , Establish... In the industry BDE International brands .

BDE The cross chain project will also actively carry out in-depth exchanges with the operators of mature blockchain projects in European and American countries and the operators of mature blockchain projects in the Asia Pacific region , Looking for a wider space for cooperation , Make the perfect BDE Cross chain ecosystem , lead BDE Ecological consensus , create BDE The future of cross chain ecology has unlimited space for value rise .

2021 It's the year of the ox of blockchain , It's the year of the ox in the Chinese lunar calendar . With the world's leading consortia , Private equity institutions have turned their investment into the blockchain industry , It has driven the vigorous development of the blockchain industry and the rapid growth of the cross chain field . And long-term possession of , investment BDE It will bring unexpected gains to investors .

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