What are the highlights of the attack of blockchain black horse Muso public chain?

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highlights attack blockchain black horse

In recent days, , Once again, there is a black horse in the blockchain industry , That is MUSO Public chain . The public chain is initiated by the Macedonian company of the United States , The company owns American MSB The license and the securities and Futures Commission RIA Financial investment license , Very authoritative . that , What is? MUSO What about the public chain ? What are the highlights ?

according to the understanding of ,MUSO Public chain is a full range of financial platform , It is based on MUSO Developed by independent public chain , One of the core sectors is a decentralized financial management agreement , It has two functions of deposit interest collection and mortgage loan , It USES the VPOS Consensus algorithm , Through multiple main chains + The way of multiple chains , To realize the horizontal and vertical expansion of the public chain . At the same time, the global data state is saved through hierarchical storage , It also provides strong support for business data's structured up chain and transaction .

MUSO Public chain

at present ,MUSO Public chain is mainly used in DeFi field , It's for DeFi Independent main chain of services , All the resources in the chain are for DeFi Product service , Its unique contract standards and audit mechanism , Will further consolidate DeFi ecology , Realization DeFi Ecological civilization .

Sum up , It's not hard to see. ,MUSO It's a brand new DeFi Public chain , So it has very high value .

however ,MUSO The public chain also has its limitations . Its biggest limitation , It is limited to DeFi field , It's not good for MUSO The development of public chain Ecology . Compared with MUSO Public chain , Always in the blockchain “ A leader ” Status NGK Public chain , It seems that the application market is much bigger .

MUSO Public chain

First ,NGK The public chain is facing the whole blockchain market , Not just DeFi One area . Of course ,NGK The public chain also has its own DeFi plate , namely Baccarat, Is completely based on NGK Created by the underlying technology of public chain , stay DeFi The field has great value prospects .

secondly , Same as MUSO Like the public chain ,NGK Public chain has MSB License plate , And get SEC Supervision of . meanwhile ,NGK The public chain also has dual foundations , In terms of user asset security , It can make users feel more secure . Shenyang vulva leukoplakia hospital :http://www.wybbyysd.com/

Third ,NGK Public chained DPOSS Consensus algorithm is better than MUSO Public chained VPOS For consensus algorithms , It's more exciting NGK User motivation , advantageous to NGK The construction of public chain . meanwhile , use DPOSS Consensus algorithm NGK Public chain , It's faster , Can let the user experience the extremely fast transaction .

MUSO Public chain

Besides ,NGK After the public chain goes online , And keep innovating , And made Baccarat、 Call hippo 、SPC The eco Star project and NGKEX Ecological Institute , covers DeFi、Dapp、 Computing power market 、DEX All fields , A complete set of public chain ecology has been formed .

The present , be-all NGK Public chain users , Enjoy a fast trading experience 、 Ultra low fees and high profits . future , With NGK Further expansion of the scope of the public chain market ,NGK Users of the public chain will get higher profits !

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