After the price of fil doubled, how to make the most profit? Miners should calm down and think about it!

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price fil doubled make profit

FIL At one point, the price of the currency hit 220 dollar , After falling back , Long term 30 The dollar is sideways , In the end 20 dollar , To reach the first consensus , Here, the horizontal plate is as long as 1 More than a month , Suddenly it doubled in two days . Now add the cost of computing power 13.44FIL/T, According to this price , encapsulation 1T New sector , need 3000-4000 The cost of yuan , It's very high , therefore , The higher the currency price, the higher the mining cost .

FIL Why does the price of currency rise ?

The price of currency was too low before , It's been too long , All kinds of good news stimulate , The price of the currency is indifferent , This power has accumulated too much ,“ Where there is oppression , Where there is resistance ”, therefore , And suddenly it broke out . From the current technology ,K The top and bottom of the line are long , The longer the lead , The more pressure and support , So it's not good up and down , Probably the rate will fluctuate in this range , So next , How to operate ?

First of all : Stir frying coins

** It's not recommended to fry money , Suggest hoarding money , Mining is recommended .** Rise through this wave , How many people make money by speculation ? It's rare . Some people think that selling when it goes up , Buy when it falls , It can also increase the number of coins , It's ideal. It's full , Reality is thin . A very successful deal is a quarter mentality , Three more points of discipline , Plus two technology , Add a point of luck . If we can do these things , You can try to fry money . To make a deal , First of all, we need to learn ideas , It's like learning martial arts , First, learn the internal skill , Learn more tricks .

** People who speculate in the coin circle , Ten people and nine losses , The one who makes money , They're all people with personality defects , Not normal people .** Because trading is anti human , As long as you're a normal person , Don't try to make money by speculation , Can't do !

second : Hoarding money

If someone hoards money in a month , It should be doubled by now . Now it's time to hoard money , Do you want to sell ? If you're optimistic about the project , You can hoard money 3-5 year . however , It's not for sale , An account is a floating profit and loss , In a floating state , If the currency goes back , Profits are down , This is not a real profit . therefore , There are also a lot of people selling .

What to do after selling ?

If we continue to rise, we are not afraid to go short ? Will appear 20 Yuan to buy ,30 Yuan to sell , Then I see that the price of the currency is still rising, and I'm afraid that it will go short , So again 40 Yuan to buy , such , Successfully pull the cost up to 40 dollar , The more you play, the higher the cost . History will always repeat itself , As a result, the cost of speculation is getting higher and higher , And then a callback , All the profits ahead , All back . conversely , If from 30 Fall to 20 element , The book is in the red , Take it as long as you like , Once you make money , I can't hold it , In especial People who read accounts every day , I can't hold it , It's true in any market , Because that's normal human nature .

If you want to sell, wait for a callback , No call back, no buy , that , It's possible to miss this project , Because if it doesn't call back ?

Can hoarding money make money ?

You can make money , Just look at bitcoin and Ethereum , A lot of people hoard money , Wealth has long been free . however , How they hoard money ? Look at the books 《 Make time your friend 》, Known as the “ China's richest bitcoin ” Li Xiaolai , He said ” I made... Today 2 $ , Tomorrow will be a loss 3 $ , This thing can't be seen , If I watch it every day , One day 2-3 A hundred million fluctuations , Then I'm crazy .” therefore , No look , Wealth is free .

Another bitcoin digger , After being arrested for stealing electricity and mining , Jail time 5 Released in , Find out the private key ,1 Ten thousand bitcoins are still there , It's worth hundreds of millions to get out of jail , If this 5 If you don't go in for years , He definitely won't get hundreds of millions .

therefore , Hoarding money can make money , Don't toss about .Filecoin It's the trend of social development , therefore , Forget the price of money , Be friends with trends , This trend friend is very simple , Very generous , It's very generous , And a lot of money for real friends !

Why only talk about trends ? because , It's bound to go up in the future , Why don't we talk about projects here ? Because I can't imagine the future value of this project ,WEB3.0 The big trend of distributed storage , The size of the market , It should be said that there is no real measurement . therefore , We need to enlarge our own pattern , To go further .

Even now FIL Double the currency price , But take the time longer , It's still the bottom , therefore , Don't care about those dollars now ,20 Yuan can be hoarded ,30 Yuan can be hoarded ,50 Yuan can also be hoarded , It's not about the current point , It's about how long you can hold it . Standing in the future and looking at the present , Now it's a very low price , Don't toss about . The master said “ No hurry 、 I don't see Xiaoli , More haste, less speed. , If you see a small profit, you won't make a big deal .” If it's because of the small band , Sell the money , I won't make a lot of money in the future .

Third : dig

Mining is recommended , Because it costs less to get money , In the long term , The average cost of mining is about 15 About $ , It's just , Choosing a miner is key , Choose a good miner without stepping on the pit , It's going to make money .

Mining is the whole Filecoin The core of the project , The most basic foundation .IPFS Distributed storage to achieve ,IPFS The white paper will be published , The project side will guarantee the income of the miners , This is absolutely . Because if the miners lose money , There is no storage server , Of course, this project is in vain , therefore , The project side has been trying to reduce the cost of mining , such as , Now I've been trying to reduce Gas fee . Since it will definitely make money , Then why not participate in Filecoin dig ?

Why are some people afraid to invest Filecoin?

** The first is the , The market is too messy .** exactly , In the blockchain industry , Too many pits , This is also the beginning of the industry , Market management is inadequate , Why people know so little , therefore , We've been sharing the underlying logic of blockchain , When you understand the underlying logic , All change is the same , You can tell the truth from the false , Avoid pitfalls .

** The second is , slow .** Mining is too slow , If you hoard money , stay 20 Buy in dollars , Now it's doubled , And mining ? Just a few coins , Ben hasn't come back yet . however , Mining is recommended , Why do you say that? ?

Now this society , People are too impetuous , All in a hurry to make quick money , however , Most people don't know : Slow is fast ! Do anything , Be down-to-earth , Don't be clever , Don't do anything , I want to find a shortcut .

Don't be too smart , Because it's so smart , Every day we see opportunities , Access to more resources , Think of all kinds of exciting patterns . therefore , They often can't stand Temptation , Keep picking sesame seeds , Lost watermelon . Up and down between the dividend and the wind , It's very easy to lose focus , It's very easy to worry about gain and loss .

At the expense of what's in front of you , In exchange for long-term benefits in the future , This choice is often extremely painful . Because of the immediate benefits , Everyone can see , The long-term benefits are hard to see . Actually , The truth is Value the long term , Usually it doesn't lose immediate benefits , Just focus on immediate interests , It will lose its long-term value . Stick to one thing to the extreme , To a certain degree “ silly ”, It helps to stick to it .

Actually , A wise man , You can see the world , Hear all over the world , Sometimes it's a punishment , Because he needs

Against the world . That's not really smart .

Really smart people , All doing stupid things .

Really smart people , Will stick to the long-term principle .

In the business world , What kind of competitors are the most terrible ?

People who seriously stick to the long-term principle , Not smart people .

The stock god Warren Buffett is 50 After the age of , Earned life 99.8% The wealth of ;

Lei Jun's experience 30 Years of accumulation , It's the world 500 Strong millet ;

Ren Zhengfei worked hard to promote 32 year , Today's Huawei ……

therefore , master craftsman , They're all chronists . This is the truth .

Empathy ,

Today's IPFS The biggest problem , Yes, they all approve of this project , This is the general trend of the future , They all think the opportunity is coming , however , I want to get rich overnight , It's hard to calm down and think , It takes time to grow up .

It's a tree in three years , Ten years to sharpen a sword .Filecoin It's only a few months since the main network was launched , It's still a baby , Need to give him time , Let him grow up , To repay you . Let's look at the project side. It was said two or three years ago that the main network was online , Now ,“ Slow and smooth , It's a big profit .

In a hurry , It is a great harm ”,Filecoin Slow down on the way to the mine , No problem , Orient , And then move on , In the end , The same money , It's going to make more money than hoarding money , It will prove again , Miners are the top of the pyramid in the blockchain industry . Calm down and , Good mining .

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