Exchange Development - what does blockchain exchange development mean?

exchange development blockchain exchange development

What is blockchain ? Blockchain is distributed data storage 、 Point to point transmission 、 Consensus mechanism 、 New application mode of computer technology such as encryption algorithm . The so-called consensus mechanism is to build trust among different nodes in the blockchain system 、 A mathematical algorithm for gaining rights .
This paper is written by gong1003my Now the blockchain technology has been supported by the policy , The state and people's attention and strict supervision , Slowly on the right track , More and more people know that 、 Understand and use the application software developed by blockchain Technology , Blockchain has a wide range of applications , Has been applied to the Internet of things 、 Supply chain management, etc , Including the blockchain exchange system , Relying on blockchain technology for development , So it has decentralization 、 open 、 Autonomy 、 anonymity 、 Information can't be edited , Compared to traditional exchanges , performance 、 Security is more optimized , Now it's very popular with users .
On blockchain , You can't avoid “ The coin ” Problem. , Otherwise, it would be “ The ostrich ”. But blockchain is not equal to money , Currency is not equal to blockchain , Not all blockchains have to have coins , But some blockchains can't do without money . So there is “ Blockchain with money ” and “ Coin free blockchain ” The said .
As a token of mastery “ The power of life and death ” The digital currency exchange , It has become the biggest profiteering harvester in the coin circle , Take coin an as an example ,2018 The first quarter profit of the year 2 Billion dollars , Need to know , Nasdaq's first quarter profit was just 2.09 Billion dollars , Profits have been able to compete with NASDAQ , And Nasdaq employees 4500 people , Currency security 200 people , Nasdaq was founded 47 year , Coin an was founded 8 Months ......
What are the profit ways developed by blockchain exchanges :
1、 New on the new currency : When the platform develops to a certain market, it can connect with the project side of many currencies , They want to trade their digital currencies on exchanges , That is, a certain fee should be charged , It's not cheap for an ordinary exchange .
2、 Service Charge : Fees are the basis of the exchange's profitability , Whether it's the user's impulse , Or a deal 、 Contract buy up buy down and other operations , The platform can charge a certain fee . This part of the fee in the past few years to support many exchanges to the present .
3、 Trading Robot costs . The exchange can be equipped with corresponding digital currency trading robot , And the parameters are perfect , It can help the project side to manage the market ,K The trend of line depth , This can help the currency side , You can charge yourself .
4、 Other models benefit . At present, it can support the development and addition of various system functions on the market , For example, holding money to earn interest 、IEO Wait a series , You can add... According to the needs of the project side , This part of the benefit is liberalized , With these functions, you can get more benefits , Of course, the layout needs to be gradually arranged according to the project planning .
Blockchain exchange is a platform for digital currency trading “ Distribution center ”, Provide an online platform for the trading of digital currency , It is the core of the digital money market . therefore , The quality of the exchange is very important .

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