Blockchain Exchange Development - what can blockchain bring us?

blockchain exchange development blockchain bring

The combination of Finance and technology is called Fintech. and Fintech The core of this is blockchain . Why? ? Because blockchain technology has its own financial attribute since its birth . While the rest of the Fintech technology , For example, big data 、 Cloud computing 、 Artificial intelligence , It's just a combination with finance . Finance is not the nature of these technologies .
This paper is written by gong1003my Sort out and publish what blockchain really looks like ? Blockchain consists of data blocks , Data block is divided into block body and block head . There are a lot of transactions packed in the block , The number of transactions in each block cannot be exactly the same . The block head consists of a series of abstract techniques , One of the most important technologies is the summary of this block Hash, Abstract Hash It has a one-to-one correspondence with the following data , therefore , When any of the following transaction numbers changes , Its summary Hash It will change .
It's because of the abstract Hash The existence of , An association is formed between the previous data block and the next data block , Want to change any data between the whole blockchain , There's a chain reaction , It's very difficult to make sure that the data is changed . In fact, many blockchain nodes will contain 1000 or even 10000 nodes , These nodes backup each other .
Financial services is the first application area of blockchain Technology . Using blockchain technology can solve the problem of payment 、 Asset management 、 There are pain points in many fields such as securities . Take the field of payment , Reconciliation between financial institutions, especially cross-border financial institutions 、 Liquidation 、 The cost of settlement is higher , It involves a lot of manual processes , It not only leads to high costs for users and financial institutions' back office business , It also makes the micro payment business difficult to carry out . The application of blockchain technology helps to reduce the cost of reconciliation and dispute resolution between financial institutions , Significantly improve the processing efficiency of payment business . in addition , The cost and efficiency advantages brought by blockchain technology in the field of payment , So that financial institutions can better deal with the small cross-border payment which was regarded as unrealistic due to the high cost in the past , Help to achieve Inclusive Finance .
In the field of public welfare , Blockchain technology is also promising . The first application scenario of ant financial services involving blockchain is public welfare , Help a group of hearing-impaired children get a donation , And then use blockchain technology to promote public welfare to be more open and transparent . Hu Danqing, senior product expert of ant financial technology laboratory, said :“ The public welfare platform of blockchain is like a post office dedicated to mailing funds on the Internet . Every amount of money donated by users , We're all going to pack in one package , This package is delivered through the blockchain platform , Every time we pass through a node , We all put a postmark on it , Finally, it is sent to the recipient . This can ensure that every sum of money donated by users is transparent 、 Traceability 、 Hard to tamper with .”
In the fight against counterfeit goods , Blockchain technology can play its role . Hu Danqing introduces , Ant financial services uses blockchain technology to trace the origin of authentic products . at present , Some of them are already from Australia 、 New Zealand's overseas products, such as milk powder , Sweep with Alipay , You'll know if it's genuine .“ What's different from the previous entry of commodity information is , Blockchain is to let multiple ‘ Bookkeeper ’ justice 、 Independent 、 Complete the bookkeeping without repudiation .”

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