The global leader in intellectual property rights of blockchain of fun chain technology demonstrates the hard power of enterprises

global leader intellectual property rights

Intellectual property is increasingly becoming a strategic resource for regional development , Benefiting from the continuous creation of intellectual property 、 Protect and use , A number of high-tech enterprises stand out and have made great progress . since 2013 So far this year , Block company's core technology leader, interest chain technology, makes great efforts to deeply cultivate the industry , The number of invention patents is leading in the world , Among them, smart contract technology 、 Cross chain technology 、 Consensus Technology 、 And expansion technology ( source : Intellectual Property Center of China Academy of information and communication ).

As the world's leading provider of blockchain technology and solutions , Fun chain technology has been working in the blockchain industry for many years , Adhere to the path of self-control and become the main force of promoting scientific and technological innovation , Deep cultivation of blockchain Technology , Intellectual property has made remarkable achievements . Since its establishment , Interesting chain technology has applied for patents for nearly 500 Pieces of , Software copyright 70 Remainder , Ranking at the top of the world . Besides , Fun chain technology in the standard 、 Evaluation 、 The white paper and other aspects have also achieved fruitful results , Participated in the development of nearly 100 international and national standards , The independently developed blockchain platform is in 2019 In the blockchain function test and performance test of China Academy of information technology, it ranked first , He also participated in the preparation of several white papers on blockchain , Such as 《 Blockchain interoperability white paper 》、《2019-2020 China blockchain patent white paper 》、《 Transportation blockchain white paper (2020)》、《 Blockchain application blue book : China blockchain Application Development Research Report (2020)》、《 White paper on Supply Chain Finance Based on blockchain technology (2020)》 etc. .

Interesting chain technology is well aware of the status and role of intellectual property rights , Only by strengthening the transformation and application of intellectual property rights , Improve the efficiency of intellectual property use , Only in this way can we provide incentives and guarantee for scientific and technological innovation , Form a positive cycle of innovation . In many years of innovation and development practice , Fun chain technology has established a strategic plan for intellectual property rights that matches the overall development of the enterprise .

It is worth mentioning that ,2020 year , Fun chain technology is recognized as “2020 Hangzhou patent pilot enterprise of the year ”, It reflects the industry's intellectual property management ability of interest chain technology 、 The ability of technological innovation and other aspects of the strength of a high degree of recognition . Hard internal training is effective , Next , Interesting chain technology will continue to increase its research and development efforts , Technological innovation of continuously sinking blockchain , Continue to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises .

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