Application of IPFs in Fil price in 2022

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application ipfs fil price

Judge whether there is project landing and practical application , For example, the field most suitable for blockchain application is Payment settlement 、 Securities trading 、 Supply chain finance 、 insurance 、 Credit rating, etc .

Digital currency issued , Whether mining is related to practical application , Many project parties realize that blockchain must be associated with real-life application scenarios , Such as information authentication 、 Transfer settlement, etc .V     zhang228289

Whether blockchain system design is only conducive to price speculation , It's not conducive to the implementation of the scene .

Now? , The whole digital monetary policy is dominated by supervision , and , Because of the central bank's digital currency DCEP Launch , The digital money market will be further formalized , At the same time, it will promote the stability and development of digital money market .

There are two types of IPFS The ecological system :

The first is the transformation of existing applications : It's about transforming traditional applications into IPFS, IPFS Mainly for non blockchain areas .

Second, innovation and application : It is mainly concentrated in the field of blockchain , This kind of landing application is rare at present . There are two main reasons , One is the limitation of the development of blockchain itself , The other is just online .


application aspect

IPFS and HTTP The efficiency of central storage is different , IPFS It's distributed storage , Distributed transmission , therefore IPFS Than HTTP Download and upload faster .

The essence

Start with bitcoin , The security of this project has continued 12 year . Digital money itself has proved , As long as it's in line with the law , The procedures are complete , It's legal , At present, all countries are issuing their own sovereign currencies DCEP.

为什么说ipfs filæ˜¯éš¾å¾—çš„å¥½é¡¹ç› filecoin值得参与吗


IPFS Using local storage technology , The file is partitioned and encrypted by using fragmentation technology , So as to effectively protect the file from hackers , So as to ensure the safety of the project .V     zhang228289

IPFS and Filecoin Complement each other , It not only leads the development of blockchain , And a freer one 、 More open networks , There is unlimited room for future appreciation , Investors can't keep up with the times , That would be a huge lag .

A new era has come , You don't take the chance , Others will catch you in front of you !

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