Filecoin information: automatic backup of filecoin is enabled in all sites of fleek

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filecoin information automatic backup filecoin

StarCraft community 3.2 -

stay 2 month 19 Japan ,Fleek Official announcement , Will be for Fleek All sites and storage on are enabled Filecoin Automated archiving / Backup . Now use Fleek Everyone in the world will benefit immediately , No extra cost , The data can be stored on a distributed network , Make the project better into Web3.0.

Storage is the current Web One of the most centralized core aspects of infrastructure , It is not easy to peel off the concentration layer .

The way to solve this problem is through the user controlled IPFS To change the storage mode by providing distributed storage on . At the same time through IPFS and Textile Designing a hosted infrastructure , Give the user full control of the file / The key to the data .

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