Filecoin becomes a new development trend in 2021

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filecoin new development trend

about Filecoin The future of , Read about Filecoin All of them are optimistic about its future .

At present, modern life is inseparable from the Internet , If we take the Internet away from our current life , People's living standards will fall back for decades at least . In particular, China has upgraded its Internet infrastructure to “ New infrastructure ” Height , Our present good life is built on these infrastructures .V|jasonbody

With the rapid development of Internet technology ,“ New infrastructure ” By ZF The decision-making level is promoted to the height of national policy , We need to rebuild it all over the country 10 More than regional data centers and supercomputer centers , Because the current data storage is not enough to support the rapid burst of data . At present, China has established IPFS Professional Committee 、 China Communications Industry Association wireless grid network MESH IPFS Professional Committee 、 IPFS Development and application of senior engineer training certification center .

meanwhile , Relevant standards will be issued one after another , Yes IPFS Memory for detection and authentication , And regulate the whole industry .IPFS It has been written into the white paper series of radio and television blockchain technology application , The application of distributed storage will be implemented . At present, I have been engaged in distributed storage applications for more than 36 home . Many top enterprises at home and abroad have also made their own arrangements .

In the Internet “ New infrastructure ” The height is raised , The source is the background of data explosion . So you need a lot of very high performance 、 Large throughput 、 Basic equipment with large capacity . The current cloud storage service has been unable to meet the current data storage requirements .

So distributed storage becomes a feasible technology to solve the problem of data storage . That's why IPFS Be valued by decision-makers . It's going to grow into real estate with future data .

In the eyes of insiders ,Filecoin It's not just a storage network , It's a self recycling market economy , Supplemented by blockchain Technology , Greatly enhance its credibility . User through payment FIL Looking for data storage and retrieval services , Build an economic closed loop with the blessing of blockchain algorithm technology .

What's more valuable is , When the future Filecoin After the stable operation of the network , Driven by network mechanism and interests , The Internet can develop itself .FIL Rewards drive more miners to join , So as to promote full competition in the storage market , Make storage cost more advantageous , Drive more customers into , The entry of more customers drives FIL The rise in prices has encouraged more miners to enter . Become a virtuous circle . Another thing worth mentioning , The bigger the network is , The better the customer experience is .

For customers ,Filecoin The advantages of : Data storage security 、 The large capacity 、 Fast . For miners , Filecoin Supply and demand for mining are growing , And the more nodes , The more powerful the whole system is . When DApp( Go to central application ) After the expansion of the scale of , The demand for distributed storage will gradually explode .

Filecoin The biggest characteristic is IPFS Decentralized storage protocol , Based on the uniqueness of files in the network , Save a lot of network space consumption and operating costs .IPFS The incentive layer of the agreement , It can centrally store big files and big data . It's a storage infrastructure , It can complement each other with all public chains .

From the current Internet Environment , Artificial intelligence 、 big data 、5G And so on are on the eve of application , The rapid development of data volume is foreseeable in the short term , This makes Filecoin It seems that the birth of the book is just in time .Filecoin It will also develop its own ecology in the future , This will also lead to more decentralized applications , Let's be right Filecoin With more expectations .

Whether you're right or wrong Filecoin What's your opinion , Can't stop it from becoming the underlying infrastructure of the future Internet , This is an inevitable trend , Make more business achievements .


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