Years of preparation: atfx's main brokerage business is coming!

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years preparation atfx main brokerage

ATFX dynamic : Taurus New Year , Good luck ! There is an old Chinese saying that spring is the plan of a year , With hope ATFX UK institutional business “ATFX Connect” It's a spring festival gift to the financial market .


After years of preparation ,ATFX Of Prime Brokers Business , abbreviation PB( Also known as principal brokerage business or prime brokerage business ) It's published for investing in hedge funds 、 Asset management company 、 The combination of retail brokers and small and medium-sized banks (Agency model) product . This product is also called "Give-up Trade" product ( The principal broker and the executing broker transfer the transaction ) Or the interbank products agreed by the four parties .


Institutional clients are not required to pay a deposit , You can trade to the first level of liquidity and price in the market , These liquidity and prices come from direct quotations from banks and professional institutions . The trading environment of customers has risen directly to the top of the financial market , And the trading speed and liquidity depth have also reached the top level of the industry .


【 For institutional clients ,ATFX What are the advantages of the main broker service ?】

1、"Prime Service (PS) The best ” 

through ATFX Connect Friendly relationship with top liquidity providers , Get the lowest latency 、 The quickest order execution 、 The most competitive price advantage , More diversified products and market entry , Including options and orders to execute transactions .

2、"Best of the Best (BOB) first-class " 

Customers do not need to establish credit lines with each executive broker 、 Mortgage and settlement , And just need to be with ATFX Connect Establish a unified credit line 、 Mortgage and settlement can be different 、 The best executive brokers trade , Simplify the relationship of credit .

3、"Top Profit (TP) The highest profit ” 

The customer only needs to be in ATFX Connect Mortgage and liquidate funds , Greatly reduce the cost of using their own funds .

4、"Top Safety (TS) Maximum guarantee ” 

from ATFX Connect Transaction details provided , Customers can check their transactions in a unified way , To facilitate its risk management .



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ATFX Zhang Weiqiang, managing director of the UK, said :“ATFX The key to success depends on the strategic thinking and plan of the management team . With the application and dedication of our innovative technology department and experienced UK staff ,ATFX Be able to establish your position well , Become a long-term business partner for institutional customers . The launch of new products further demonstrates our commitment , Highly professional and innovative , Develop technology for our customers , Research and tailor solutions .”


In order to provide and develop this business , In the past year ,ATFX We have greatly improved and upgraded our own structure , Including expanding capital and accelerating the research and development of its own platform , Has been unanimously recognized by the industry .


First ,ATFX Through the famous National Westminster Bank Group ( The predecessor RBS RBS group ) Strict selection and requirements , Signed with PB In depth cooperation agreement . That's all right ATFX Capital 、 Operational structure 、 Technology platform 、 Risk control and personnel professionalism are strictly screened .


secondly , A number of world-class investment banks also cooperate with ATFX Cooperate and sign an agreement , This includes JPMorgan Chase in the United States 、 Citibank 、 British Standard Chartered 、 Buckley, UK 、 Mitsubishi Bank of Japan 、 Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, etc , Together for ATFX Our customers provide professional liquidity and price .


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Besides ,ATFX still Connect A lot of manpower and resources have been invested in the research and development of the platform . This is the front desk including our own brands Celer Platform, The comprehensive matching system in the background Kooltra, It can quickly and seamlessly connect other bank and non bank price quotient systems as well as various client system platforms .


ATFX Designed to provide customers with the high liquidity of mainstream banks , You can go through ATFX Self developed matcher , To provide customers with different quotations of bank matching prices and high quality transactions .


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ATFX It's an ambitious global enterprise , It's also a fast growing company “Fintech” Fintech .


The company has more than 350 An experienced employee , They're all over the world 12 Office work , Including London 、 dubai 、 Egypt 、 Mexico 、 Hong Kong, China, 、 Thailand 、 Malaysia 、 Vietnam and the Philippines and other countries and regions , Use more than 20 A localized language to serve every customer .



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Give-up Product agreement :

In the main broker model , The three parties involved : Customer 、 The executive dealer and the principal broker need to sign a series of agreements with each other , For example, the relationship between the principal broker and the executive broker : Assignment agreement (Master FX Give-Up Agreement); The master broker agreement between the master broker and the client (Prime Brokerage Agreement); Compensation agreement between the client and the executing broker (Compensation Agreement) etc. .