Poka ecological project

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poka ecological project

Introduction to Boca

Poca , English is Polkadot, It's a blockchain network , By providing a powerful underlying security system , So that different blockchains with various functions can coexist and communicate in this network , For the next generation of Internet Web3.0 Provide the foundation .

Polkadot Is based on Substrate Built .Polkadot It's a platform , It's not just a revolution in blockchain Technology , And it's a revolution towards a more equitable point-to-point digital jurisdiction .

Boca's original token

The original token of Boca network is DOT.DOT The characteristic of governance is that every coin holder can participate in it ; The characteristic of consensus is to participate in the safe operation of mortgage security network ; The binding aspect is used to connect parallel chains to Boca networks .

Boca Ecology

Developers can access Boca networks , Covering a variety of business logic and information , Including blockchain 、 Application information, etc .

Boca can support an unlimited number of blockchains , And connect them together . Because different blockchains operate with different consensus mechanisms , Boca platform provides a developed and configurable consensus mechanism to host these blockchains . Boca's framework can support value transfer between different blockchains . Boca has a very clear governance mechanism . Boca's security is very good , The blockchain connected with Boca can be protected through a unified security umbrella .

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