Exchange system development -- to show you the characteristics of blockchain exchange

exchange development characteristics blockchain exchange

What is an exchange ?
An exchange is an information platform for trading certain information and goods , Software building gong1003my、 A fixed place to be used is called the exchange . exchange , With the help of information platform , Realize the sharing of property right information 、 Trading in different places , Unified coordination , The property market and various terms to balance .
The blockchain exchange is a matchmaking trading platform , It's compatible with the traditional matchmaking engine , There are also fund custody and delivery methods replaced by blockchain , Such a blockchain exchange can solve the problems that the blockchain has not solved , That is, the issue of supply and demand information release and liquidity .
What are the characteristics of blockchain exchanges ?
1、 De centralization
Players or investors trade directly , There is no third-party intermediary involved , Trading is easier, faster and more transparent . Optimize resource allocation .
2、 Good user experience
The exchange is directly facing customers , So in the design, the user needs will be put in the first place , At the same time, pay more attention to the user experience , In addition, it also provides customers with more value-added services to ensure user stickiness .
3、 Open platform , Symmetry of information
The core of making money in many traditional industries is to take advantage of information asymmetry , And on the digital currency trading platform , There is a direct transaction between the two parties , More timely 、 fair 、 transparent .
4、 Low transaction costs
Low transaction costs , Fast , Greatly optimized the small cap investment environment .
5、 The role of big data is outstanding
Make full use of the Internet technology and data information accumulation and mining advantages , The customer scale of Internet financial ecosystem has reached a high level , The cost of customer selection is low .
In ancient times , Our ancestors were originally transported by people , There's something to transport , I carry it with my hand , Then someone invented the wheel , automobile , And now , Buses and trains , Gaote aircraft , Ships and other means of transportation . It is convenient and fast for human beings , Now? , Shopping online , It's three or four days away . Transportation quality , It's a lot better , It's much more convenient to go out for a long journey when there's something urgent .

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