The number of active filecoin developers continues to reach a new high, driving the rapid development of the industry

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number active filecoin developers continues

Filecoin The main network line is nearly 5 Months , For other blockchain projects , It's a short time , But from the perspective of network development ,Filecoin The Internet has become one of the most active ecosystems for developers .V|jasonbody

In recent days, Outlier Ventures A copy called 《2021 Blockchain development trend in 》 The report of , The report analyzes the past 12 The code development activity of the major blockchain projects in the past three months , as well as 2021 Development trend in .

I'm searching 186 individual GitHub project , Indexes 6163 Code base , And analyze more than 100 After ten thousand submissions ,《2021 Blockchain development trend in 》 Point out from Filecoin From the year when the main network was launched to the public , Decentralized file storage projects Filecoin It's one of the most active development projects 5 name . And things like Tron、EOS、Komodo and Qtum The core development indicators are declining .

stay 2020 year Filecoin The main network is online ,Filecoin Become one of the most active blockchain projects for developers , There have been reports about this in the original interstellar community before .

Currently in all blockchain projects , The most active projects are Ethereum and Cardano, And then there's bitcoin , The number of code submissions per week is 866 Time 、761 Secondary sum 441 Time . The next step is Filecoin, Its number of code commits per week is 385 Time .

From the monthly active developer index , The highest is Ethereum , The second is Hyperledger、Cardano And bitcoin ,Filecoin The number of core developers per month is 92 name .

Finally, let's look at the blockchain projects from the growth trend . During the period when the main network went online last October , Due to the need to prepare for the main online line , therefore Filecoin The number of core developers has grown tremendously . And earlier 5 month , Network ushers in the second phase of test network , The number of core developers is also growing , Because this is the last important milestone of the main network startup .

from 《2021 Blockchain development trend in 》 In the report , We see Filecoin The number of active developers per month is stable at a very high level , stay 10 After the main network went online in January, it reached its peak .

Internet age , The most important indicator is talent , The flow of a large number of talents to any industry will surely lead to the rise of the industry . An important indicator of Internet enterprise asset evaluation is talent , It's an important part of the company's assets . and Filecoin The activity of project developers shows that , More talents are flowing from other fields to Filecoin industry . In the near future, it will greatly promote Filecoin The development of ecology , Speed up Web3.0 Coming of age ! And that proves Filecoin Is being favored by more people in the industry , Future period !

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