Official blog post of filecoin: the birth of various innovative applications in filecoin

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official blog post filecoin birth

Recently by Tachyon Supporting Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator The demonstration day was held successfully , Among them 13 Three startups built Interoperability for distributed networks , Open and programmable tools , Applications and infrastructure . this 13 Home startups come from all over the world 11 A country , This paper introduces some of them . These include Myel、Valist、PowerLoom and Kotal.V|jasonbody


It's a social driven content delivery network , Mainly for Web3.0 The era of applications provides a decentralized CDN, Used to retrieve from the market faster through secondary search Filecoin Web search content .

Today, Web Applications are increasingly demanding bandwidth , and VR New technologies like this require expensive infrastructure , These infrastructures are slow to scale , Can't meet future needs and can't use cold storage ,Filecoin We need a secondary search market , So that you can retrieve content faster . There is currently no use for Web3 Dispersion of applications CDN, And most of them depend on Web2 CDN, This can be the central point of failure .

Myel Our mission is to make retrieval Filecoin It's simpler on the Internet , And no expensive infrastructure . Users can use FIL pay CDN service , And combine it with storage transactions .


Valist Can simplify secure code signing and global software distribution . It allows developers to publish software and firmware to a decentralized storage network , And allow them to control access .Valist It also supports integration with existing package managers ( for example NPM、Pip as well as Docker) General integration .

at present , majority Web3 The tools are still going through Web2 distribution .Valist While changing that, it still provides a return to Web2 The bridge . And eliminate a single point of failure , For example, certification authorities , Centralized access control systems and cloud providers .

Valist Support “Multi-Factor Releases”( Also known as multi signature for software release ), The publishing package needs more than one developer or build server to unregister the publishing before publishing . This reduces the risk of software supply chain attacks , For example, malicious software publishing events caused by attacks on the build server or stolen developer keys .

Valist So that users can use Web3 Infrastructure to distribute software safely , Instead of relying on centralized cloud service providers and unstable access control systems .Valist Many popular ones are being introduced Web3 and Web2 Package to Filecoin The ecological system , To reduce dependence on third-party maintenance software .

Valist At present, we are building a first-class CI / CD Supported by CLI. Soon , Users will be able to Valist Insert its Github Actions,Gitlab Runners Or in the current pipeline , To publish software directly to Web3 The Internet . None of this requires customizing the back end or setting up storage !


PowerLoom Protocols aggregate data on and off the chain , Generate snapshots with encryption proof in a decentralized way . It aims to build trust and provide meaningful insights on demand by motivating a rich ecosystem of peers and stakeholders participating in the agreement .

For most DeFi agreement , There are a lot of movable parts , Layers and stakeholders . Complexity is daunting . In order to make the blockchain industry sustainable , Well developed and expanded , We have to adopt verification based trust .

PowerLoom The snapshot data in the protocol will be stored as hot in IPFS On , And anchored in Filecoin On the Internet . Compared to centralized services , This allows peers to store more easily and cheaply / Retrieving data . As an extension ,Filecoin Other people in the ecosystem can also use data sets for their own use and / Or build on it .

PowerLoom Recently and Polymarket It's previewed , And regained Gitcoin Grants to examine .


Kotal Simplify blockchain development . It's a Kotal It's open source , Multiple clients , Cloud independent blockchain Kubernetes Operator, , It's easy to deploy highly available self-management on any cloud , Self healing blockchain infrastructure ( The Internet 、 node 、 Storage cluster ).

At present, the development of blockchain is very difficult , Expensive and time consuming , And there's a lot of overhead and risk . Kotal Make blockchain development simple , To achieve faster development and sustainable decentralization .

Use Kotal After that, you can realize the following functions :

Deploy highly available blockchain networks and nodes ;

  1. Join public networks like Ethereum and bitcoin ;
  2. Join in Rinkeby,Ropsten and Goerli Wait for the test network ;
  3. Start your own validator or node ;
  4. Create and join a private alliance network ;
  5. Create distributed storage clusters ;
  6. Make your own Infura
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