Acceleration of smart city development under blockchain architecture

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acceleration smart city development blockchain

What are the problems in the process of building a smart city ? data silos 、 Information security risks 、 Path cognition is difficult to unify, which is a difficult problem for smart city projects at this stage . How to solve these problems ? Maybe blockchain is a good solution .

The combination of smart city and blockchain technology is getting closer

In urban construction and management , More and more cities are trying to promote the application of blockchain technology in smart city projects . South Korea has “ Blockchain Seoul City ”; Switzerland has “ Crypto Valley ” Chug ; Countries like Estonia and San Marino are also building their own blockchain systems .

With the continuous upgrading of urban intelligence , The combination of blockchain and smart city is getting closer .2019 year 11 month 3 Japan , China Urban Development Research Association 、 Zhongguancun two dimensional code technology research institute of industry and information technology 、 Global urban smart engineering technology research ( Beijing ) The center jointly released the smart city code identification system based on blockchain technology .

Why do smart cities favor blockchain ?

“ data ” In the new situation of the vigorous development of information technology, it has become a kind of resource , Especially with the development of the city , Accumulated a lot of huge data . But because of the competitive and exclusive nature of data , Leading to cross level urban data 、 Cross region 、 Cross system 、 Cross departmental efficiency 、 Orderly 、 Low cost flow is difficult to achieve , And when data is exchanged , It's hard to avoid data leakage ,“ data silos ” And data security has become a hindrance to the construction of a new smart city . Besides , City data also faces security issues .

With the distributed storage of blockchain 、 De centralization 、 Point to point transmission function , Every operation and maintenance management unit in a city can become a node , The generated data is not processed through the center , It can be sent directly to the specified distributed database , Realize direct data transmission , And then solve the problem of data sharing .

meanwhile , All data and information of these nodes are open and transparent 、 Traceable , In data transmission , Data can't be forged or tampered with , Because if tampering needs to be approved by all nodes , And keep track of the change of data information , It's good for data original information tracing , This enables blockchain technology to effectively guarantee data security .

therefore , With decentralization 、 Distributed 、 Information is hard to tamper with 、 Security 、 The blockchain technology with the characteristics of anonymity is very suitable for solving the difficult problem of big data sharing .

Blockchain + Smart city The future has to Guangzhou vulva leukoplakia hospital ranking :

Based on blockchain Technology , The Internet can not only spread information , It can also transfer value . In smart cities , The point-to-point communication mechanism of blockchain technology can be used to reduce the operation cost , Popularize IOT equipment ; Using its asymmetric encryption features to protect user privacy , Reshaping trust ; It can also break the information island , Promote interaction between upstream and downstream of the supply chain , Reduce time and economic costs .

besides , There are many other applications of blockchain technology in the process of smart city construction , Like intelligent transportation 、 E-government 、 Smart assets 、 There are broad prospects in the fields of legal application . With the help of a blockchain buzzword : The future has to , It's just not popular . The future of smart city based on blockchain technology is expected .

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