Fire chain technology and crazy sports aim at Hainan to build a new platform for blockchain sports entertainment

chain technology crazy sports aim

2021 year 2 month , Fire chain technology announced the first video with a listed company in Hong Kong (0082.HK) Its crazy sports has reached strategic cooperation .

According to the agreement , Both sides will focus on blockchain technology to enable sports guessing industry , In the industry program consulting 、 Digital business model 、 Establish strategic cooperation relationship in high quality project cooperation and brand promotion , Study sports quiz together 、 New business models such as sports games , Strive to build “ Blockchain + sports ” Typical cases .

Fire chain technology CEO Yuan Yuming said , Blockchain technology has the function of anti tampering of data on the chain 、 Fidelity 、 Traceable characteristics , Created a transparency 、 Trusted technology environment . And the sports industry is huge , It is still developing rapidly in recent years , Blockchain technology enables the sports guessing industry, which helps to ensure the authenticity and credibility of information under the chain 、 Data on the chain is difficult to tamper with , Further enhance the credibility of the sports industry .

According to the relevant policies of the state and Hainan Province , Hainan Province can develop characteristic sports entertainment industry 、 Research and development of bonus points system platform and monitoring platform . Crazy sports was founded in 2012 year , It is a sports interactive entertainment service provider focusing on the sports field , Interactive sports entertainment platforms have been launched one after another 、 Lottery information service platform 、 CSL copyright games and other products . at present , Crazy sports has obtained the rare qualification to carry out sports guessing business in Hainan through its subsidiaries .

First video group CEO Peng Xitao introduces , The first step of this cooperation is to focus on the sports guessing business approved by crazy sports in Hainan , Jointly build a sports entertainment platform driven by blockchain Technology . according to the understanding of , Both sides plan to focus on the European Cup 、 The world cup 、 Five major leagues and other international well-known sports events 、 E-sports events and the sports events introduced by Hainan are cooperating , Using blockchain Technology , Build a platform of prize winning quiz system , Introduce the general digital integral system of Hainan Island , Build a platform for block chain token points .

Peng Xitao pointed out that , The State supports Hainan to build an international tourism consumption center 、 National sports tourism demonstration zone ,“ The introduction of the platform is in line with the integral system of Hainan tourism consumption demand , It can effectively promote the development of characteristic cultural tourism , Crazy sports and fire chain technology cooperation , Will strive to build ‘ Blockchain + sports ’ Typical cases ”.

In the future , The two sides will also jointly explore the in-depth application of blockchain technology in the sports quiz industry , Such as HuoChain At the bottom of blockchain technology , On the chain Plug In Intelligent contract technology can realize the real, reliable and automatic execution of the whole process of guessing business , Build a typical case of the combination of blockchain technology and sports guessing industry .

As the global digital economy accelerates , Blockchain technology is accelerating in terms of evolution and innovative application , It's also better empowering the real economy . Fire chain technology focusing on the integration of industry, University and research of blockchain , Relying on its research institutes 、 university 、 Industrial empowerment Center 、Labs Build a one-stop full life cycle professional service for the blockchain industry , Actively promote the digitization of real industry , Industrialization of digital technology , Push “ Blockchain +” The overall development of . at present , Fire chain technology has independently developed a number of products with independent intellectual property rights HuoChain The underlying blockchain Technology , It has been associated with the retail industry 、 Fast consumer goods 、 Online retailers 、 The Internet of things 、 Tourism, etc 20 Blockchain enabling practice has been carried out in more than one field .

indeed , Blockchain will be the cornerstone of the future digital economy era .“ The cooperation with crazy sports is expected to become the application template of blockchain technology in the field of sports , Bring new wind vane for the development of sports entertainment industry . future , Fire chain technology will continue to cooperate deeply with all walks of life , Promote blockchain technology to enable the real economy in depth .” Yuan Yuming said .

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